This deck started out 4 years ago as a pile of elves, gifted to me by my magic fam <3

Since then I have systematically ruined their beautiful mess of elves! It was just too slow to play in modern and even included random non-elf creatures like Managorger Hydra (okay that one was my fault because I didn't understand how to play wizard cards gud yet). So, I turned it into a gulps... SEMI-COMPETITIVE TIER 2 DECK!

It's been a long road of figuring out how to play what most would consider an easier deck to pilot (and I still forget my triggers), but I'm excited that my elves are all grown up! Obviously the game plan for G/B elves is traditional green elf-ramp and shenanigans with the added threat of Shaman of the Pack , as well as a few SB cards.

Constructive comments and suggestions always appreciated!



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