"Invented in Mishra's earlier days, the Rack was once his most feared creation."

Welcome to "Do You Like Your Hand? Too Bad"! This is a modern mono-black control deck of the "8-rack" variety, made to force the player to discard cards and then punish them. The name 8-rack comes from the core cards of the deck; The Rack and Shrieking Affliction. Those two cards together with discard spells form a devastating combo that no one wants to see played out against them. Enjoy!

(Before you start, however, know that this deck can sometimes cause your opponent to become VERY salty. You have been warned!)

Cards and their uses

Shrieking Affliction + The Rack - Duh.

Ensnaring Bridge - To keep creatures from attacking you. Since you almost always have no cards on your hand with this deck, almost no creatures will be able to attack. One of the most important cards to get out.

Necrogen Mists - The cheap version of Liliana of the Veil's +1 ability. If you can afford her, go with her instead. Used to keep the discard going, so they won't start saving cards on their hand.

Blackmail - A great card any time in the game, and one of the targeted discard spells that can discard lands. Works the best once they have around 3 cards in their hand. Best way to use it: play Blackmail, write up which cards they are showing, discard one, then play Thoughtseize and target one of the cards they didn't show you.

Thoughtseize - THE discard spell. Amazing early game, especially turn one.

Raven's Crime - Made to be a recurrent discard spell. Use it together with Dakmor Salvage to discard one of their cards every round (once you have some wincons down).

Wrench Mind - Great to really empty their hand. It's not often they have artifacts if you aren't up against for example Affinity, but that is not that big of a deal.

Smallpox - Devastating for your opponent in most cases. Wait until they have a creature down, hopefully some big one, then put down a Dakmor Salvage (so you have a non-important land to destroy) and be ready for a painful look in their face once you cast it.

Victim of Night - A bit of removal for keeping creatures away. Almost never misses (only exception that you might encounter quite often is Gurmag Angler).

Slaughter Pact - To kill a creature while tapped out, which the opponent will never expect.

Infernal Tutor - Either use early to get extra Racks, or wait until you have no cards on your hand to fetch up for example an Ensnaring Bridge.

I know what many of you are thinking. "But hey! Why are you playing Blackmail instead of Inquisition of Kozilek?". Simply enough, because the Inquisition misses too much. I used it before, it missed alot, I won't use it again. If that is more your cup of tea, use it.

Swamp - Well yeah.

Dakmor Salvage - Like I've said earlier, to be used with Raven's Crime and Smallpox so you can easily get it up from the graveyard again.

Mutavault - Can be used to get in some early damage before you get up Ensnaring Bridge, or sometimes an alternative wincon.

Buried Ruin - Very useful to get your artifacts back up from the graveyard, both if they've been destroyed by opponents or accidentally dredged.

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth - To make the non-black lands able to tap for . Four of these just to be sure that you will get one. If you get up another one, discard it for Raven's Crime.

3x Ratchet Bomb - For use against token decks, but also to remove Leyline of Sanctity, Chalice of the Void and similar. All those Goblins / Zombies / Eldrazi Scions bumming you out? Exchange two Victim of Night and one other card with these and watch that be a memory of the past.

2x Waste Not - Use as a second win condition against decks with lots of card advantage (blue control decks for example). Exchange maybe two Shrieking Affliction.

3x Leyline of the Void - Efficient against Delver or reanimate decks.

2x Hero's Downfall - Exchange Victim of Night for these if you go up against a deck based on a planeswalker.

2x Surgical Extraction - Useful against basically every deck. Works wonders to ruin their plans, and these two extra Surgical Extracions can work wonders against for example Twin, Lantern Control or basically any combo deck.

3x Welding Jar - Put these in if your opponent uses lots of artifact hate or you think they sideboards it in.

RECOMMENDATION: If your meta is full of Leyline of Sanctity and/or Chalice of the Void, and Ratchet Bomb isn't enough, splash for green and include 4x Naturalize in the sideboard.


Updates Add

Finished 2-2. I'm going to get a playset of Thoughtseize until next week plus 3x Buried Ruin, since the problem with the deck was artifact hate (and with Buried Ruin I can get them up from the graveyard again).


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