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Deadguy Ale - Land Tax variation

Legacy Competitive Control WB (Orzhov)



This is my take on a variation of Deadguy Ale ( aggro-tempo) that brings a Land Tax package to add an alternative win-con ( Zombie Infestation ) and card-advantage engine ( Scroll Rack ) to the already tried-and-tested core-list.

Introduction to Legacy Deadguy Ale

  • The Source: http://www.mtgthesource.com/forums/showthread.php?2597-Deck-Deadguy-Ale-

  • MTGSalvation (D3@D) (a bit outdated): https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/legacy-type-1-5/established-legacy/aggro-tempo/179844-primer-deadguy-ale-2-0

Introduction to the Land Tax variation

It's always bugged me that a card as powerful as land tax does not see play in the current Legacy format. It was banned for a reason and since the unbanning, the only list that has consistently relied on it is Wx Parfait. I've played with Parfait before but I've never had a good record with it. In my experience, that's because it becomes quite difficult to get the Land Tax + Scroll Rack engine going against x decks, owing to stellar permission and card selection they have access to, and against combo, the engine is just too slow to be relevant. That's how I started moving towards a list, and soon enough, I realized I was making a variation of the good ol' Deadguy Ale.

Generally speaking, I'd say that any successful land-tax list needs to do something else with the additional lands other than to help us make land drops. The classic synergy is with Scroll Rack , which lets us trade lands for spells. The additional lands also synergize well with Mox Diamond , which lets us ramp while keep triggering land tax. More recently, the enchantment Zombie Infestation lets us trade lands for creatures (2/2 zombies).

Land tax will only trigger if our opponent has more lands than us. This is one of the reasons why I don't think we should play Wasteland here. Similarly, instead of Swords to Plowshare, we are going to play Path to Exile , which also makes it easier for us to kill our opponent with low power creatures. (The latter is also a good reason to not run Wasteland.)

Other card choices

  • Chains of Mephistopheles : In my opinion, this card is very underplayed in a format dominated by Brainstorm . Notice that none of our card-advantage spells actually draw cards (they are put into our hand), so we don't even need to play around chains.
  • Humility : Legacy has access to very powerful enchantments and I think humility is one of them. It can turn off Dark Confidant s when we are getting low in life and will completely shutdown creature-based decks.
  • Engineered Plague : This is another card that I think is very underplayed in a format with so many Humans (Delver, Snap, Pyromancer, most D&T creatures). Needless to say how powerful it's with Tribal decks (notably, Elves). Card is very flexible and I think it should be played over Toxic Deludge.
  • Enlightened Tutor : It's card disadvantage but it can find us silver-bullets when we need them (humility, plague, sideboard stuff). For the most part, it's an additional copy of land tax / scroll rack / zombie infestation.
  • more to come ...

Updates Add

I've been playing this deck with a friend of mine and I've been very surprised with how resilient it is--it's an actual deck, for my surprise. That said, I've not been super happy with Chains of Mephistopheles. Yes, it's pretty good against brainstorm lists (it's very good against Miracles, for example) but most of the time, I wished that chains was Bitterblossom. As a matter of fact, I was running bitterblossom in the sideboard and always bring it against the same matches that Chains is good (blue-x control lists), so why not just run bitterblossom instead of chains? Well, that's what I'm doing right now. Removed 2 chains, added 1x blossom to the main and 1x engineered plague, too, but the last one in the main seems meta-dependent (faced goblins and elves too many times). In the sideboard, running 2 additional bitterblossom against control lists, 1 rip, down to 3 extractions, and added thalia against storm and control. If you have any suggestions, let me know.


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