The Main Engine is you search the right card in You´re first turn with Sleight of Hand or Serum Visions . If you didn´t found High Alert or Arcades, the Strategist try it in you´re second turn too. Play high Alert in you´re 3rd turn.

When you have High Alert or Arcades, the Stretegist in play try to beat down you´re opponenent with the big Defenders that could now attack. The second wincondition is Phenax, God of Deception , if you can´t beat it mill it .

I´m looking for feedback, ignore the board it´s for my FNM (many Tron/Dredge/Burn Decks). But tips for a allaround board would be nice


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The deck worked pretty good...

I won game 1 against Tron: The Matchup was even. First game loss. second game win and thired game win. After bording it was pretty easy to stop the opponent.

I lost game 2 against Dredge: This match was tricky and I wasn´t able to win Game one and Game to I needed a mulligan to 4 so I was so far behind that I lost...

Game 3 was again against tron I won a second time 2-1: DAMPING SPHERE FOR WIN

Game four was against storm: easy win. I counterd the baral in turn 2 and the goblin were killed in turn three by my cast down. the second game damping sphere ruled :D.

Game five was against boros burn: felt really bad I had no chance in both Games and I lost 2-0

Overall I think there are two archtypes that are tricky against this Deck. Control and Burn, but I need to play more to see if it´s right.


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