Bant Modern competitive defender ramp combo deck. Total homebrew. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

500 Upvotes!!!! Thanks to everyone for making this one of the Top Modern decks on Tapped Out!!!



This Deck has been completely retooled to be even more powerful!

Basically we use the Hexproof and shrouded creatures in combination with Worship to lock our opponents down by making ourselves undamageable. Next we use Genesis Wave to drop defenders and/or Staff of Domination or Assault Formation

Assault Formation not only gives our creatures a Doran effect but will also Animate Wall and allow us to pump them with all of our ramped mana. Additionally, with 5 defenders in play and Staff of Domination we have infinite mana that can be used to draw the entire deck and swing for infinite!

Here we turn the Defender drawback into our strength. Assault Formation (all creatures to infinite power and toughness) or Staff of Domination (draw entire deck and throw down every creature in deck and pump them to infinite power and toughness with Assault Formation and swing for the win!



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