Lots of value cards with some splashed removal main board and lots more in the side for more control in token/aggro matchups


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Swapped some things around, added some draw because running out of gas is embarrassing for everyone. Added 2nd Traitor of Ghet because I finally got one. Added Mina and Den, Gonna try them out, seems good? Moved two pulses to the sideboard. Removed traverse the uvenwald, was to slow and counter magic feels bad, these being removed also made me decide that Sinister Concoction wasn't cutting it. To much value lost. Moved 2 ruinous path from sideboard to main and added 2 more.


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Date added 8 years
Last updated 7 years

This deck is not Standard legal.

Rarity (main - side)

10 - 1 Mythic Rares

32 - 6 Rares

6 - 4 Uncommons

6 - 4 Commons

Cards 60
Avg. CMC 3.18
Tokens Ashaya, the Awoken World, Clue, Elemental 3/1 R, Emblem Arlinn Kord, Morph 2/2 C, Wolf 2/2 G, Zombie 2/2 B
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