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Goblin Chucker (40$ Goblin Burn)

Modern Budget Goblins Mono-Red Sacrifice



Mana efficient burn using creatures who have “When this creature dies, it deal damage to any target equal to its power”. Turned out to be a cheap deck to make, but I am not making it budget on purpose, just pushing a concept. 1 mana red spells that give at least +3 power and a secondary effect to pump the creatures and setting up for Thud/Fling and Goblin Grenade. I’m not set on the spell balancing so it’s something I have to work through still.

Creatures: 1&2. Cacophony Scamp and Fireblade Charger are the most important creatures for the win condition. The rest of the deck is focused on pumping them and chucking them. 3.Goblin Arsonist is because I need more than 8 creatures, and it’s not a bad option considering Goblin Grenade is a powerful card to use over Fling/Thud in most cases with Cacophony Scamp and Fireblade Charger. He brings my creature count up to 12. 4.Dark-Dweller Oracle is added to dig and sacrifice my creatures if I don’t have a spell for do due so myself. I’m only running 2 for now, but they may prove to keep the deck going when I am in top deck mode. Bringing me to 14 creatures. Good enough for now I guess.

Sacrifice for damage Spells: Goblin Grenade is 1 damage for at least 6 damage. If I can manage a Pump Spell, it’s 9 damage for 2 mana, 2 spells, and a creature. That’s half the game with just that, but if I managed to hit a creature with a Pump Spell and land an attack, it’s 13 damage instead. Fling/Thud were what got me started on this deck, along with CS and FC. Goblin Grenade is a better option in most cases but these have higher damage potential, and Fling is an Instant.

Pump Spells: 1.Titan’s Stregth is great, at +3 power and Scry 1 for 1 red mana. Being an instant, I can use it defensively as well as offensively. Scry is also an important function of the card, since it can help dig through the deck passed unwanted lands. Use it on an unblocked creature and combo it with F/T for 12 damage and dig a little. Very economic. 2.Burning Crescendo is also and instant and +3 power, but this one lets me play the top card of my deck until the end of my next turn, functionally a draw spell also. 3. Reckless Charge is a sorcery so it doesn’t have the element of surprise, nor does it let me dig. However, it gives haste and that can help with surprise in a different way. And it also has Flashback, which can help late game in top deck mode. 4 mana for +6 power isn’t that bad in a single turn either.


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