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bhayes8's Binder

Everything in my haves is listed as is. If there is anything that you want out of my haves, just let me know, we can try to work out something, even if you don't have any of my listed wants, those are not all of them, but keep in mind on my have's list there might be some cards that I well be less willing to part with. There are other cards that I'm interested in just from a collections stand point as well. I am always interested in Foil basic lands and full art lands to boost a trade.

Some of the cards are from a friend's binder, you can find him at skylord164, I will inform you if you're interested in one of his cards, and you can choose whether to proceed with the trade. I give you a guarantee that his trades are good. But all trades for his cards will be initiated through me until he's able to trade on here, but you may have to receive cards from him separately depending on what you want.

I am looking for all of the Spirit Avatars such as Overbeing of Myth , as well as any of the Swords such as Sword of Fire and Ice .

I am willing to trade for foils of any of my wants, but only if I think that the trade is worth it outside of listed prices.

I am currently looking to trade for the fetch lands from Zendikar and Onslaught, though since those are higher priced I think they will be harder to find good trades for.

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
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