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Oh hey dere. My name's Sunshine. Im a heterosexual white male born to a middle-class family. So although Im a bit of a minority around these parts, I'll ask you to try and treat me like any other magic you meet.

Now, based only on my magic color preferences, you could probably figure me out. So... I'll show my magic nerd side and then finish off with some random other favorites. And that'll basically cliffnotes my personality so you don't ever have to meet me in real life! ;)

  1. WUBRG - As difficult (and unreliable) as it can be to try and weild the full mana spectrum, it is so rewarding to finally reach the Maze's End or open the Door to Nothingness. That should sum it up. Coalition Victory is sweet. (/thread) But it also feels safe to know that the weaknesses of any given color are being offset by another color's strength in that area. E.G. White sucks at card draw but you have blue.

  2. Sultai - I feel like Sultai gets overshadowed by its more tried-and-true counterparts. Not as good as Grixis at control, or as good at midrange as Jund. There are probably more competitive options, but I just vibe with BUG. The philosophy of combining the patience and understanding of Blue with Green and Black's expertise over the realm of death and rebirth, I believe, has some really practical applications to exploiting the long action-packed EDH games that I love.

  3. Mono-Blue - Part of me always wants to splash another color. Two colors really isn't much harder to pilot than one, and I love having a second color philosophy in the mix. I think maybe the phrase "red deck wins" makes me so needlessly defiant, that I have to try the opposite to shut the burn players up haha. But hey, Pro Tour Theros, right? Head-to-head mono-blue in the finals that year. #actuallyjustnykthos

Here is a list of the things I like. This list is a list of the things I like.

Love. Food. Sex. Psychedelics. Dogs. Nature. Guitars. Chaos Magick. Critical Role. The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Game of Thrones. Westworld. Community. Rick and Morty. Always Sunny. And just, all of the music, please. Animal Collective. CHON. Phish. Tesseract. Snarky Puppy. Chance the Rapper. Little Tybee. Vulfpeck. Shpongle.

If you're in the Fort Collins area and wanna meet up, I play EDH at The Colorado Room every monday night.


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