Grixis FTW! I believe that Grixis control will have enough tools to compete this time around. Decided to share a deck I modified slightly form MTG Salvation: This deck looks to take on the biggest obstacle post-rotation and win: Zombies! It of course has the tools to destroy TOKENS and the ever annoying Hexproof @sshats: Geist of Saint Traft and Sigarada!Any comments are welcome and don't forget to +1 if you like the deck.

Breakdown of the less obvious components:Mercurial Chemister - this creature is worth testing, anything that has draw two cards for only 1 mana and with no condition is pretty good. Couple that with some removal that doesn't mind dumping Flashback spells into the yard and he justifies that expensive cost.The rest are easy enough to figure out a general goodstuff mix of removal with card draw. Also for those wondering why only 2 Snapcaters? He is going to draw INSANE hate and will not be as much of a staple, plus a good number of my spells already have flashback.


Went 2-1 last nightWon against Izzet aggro/control went 2-1.Won against Door to Nothingness deck went 2-1.Lost against G/W aggro, opponent played Thragtusk, Centaur Healer, and Armada Wurm and I was never able to slow him down.

Changed deck considerably added more Planeswalkers due to most of my removal hitting all creatures. Zombies are not prevalent in my meta so I am not running a full suite of Pillars.


Ertl says... #1

I actually took 2nd last week with Bolas in the FNM Tourney. He is a great card, with three great colors post Ravnica. The way I prefer to run Bolas is in a delver style deck. Tons of control. Think Twice needs to be in here(Tamiyo ult + Think Twice... ewww...) Chandra is another great control card for Bolas decks. Jayce is a great alternate win condition, plus it offers card draw. Un-summons ARE life savers. If you have the money, bonfires are a must. Bonfires not only wipe tokens, but hit the opponent quite hard as well. In fact, burn will be very popular, and I suggest adding more into the deck here. Little spells like searing spear, increasing vengeance, and reverberate are great game winners. I like running one temporal mastery in a blue red deck. 8 lands + TP + Increasing Vengeance = 5 turns in a row. Thunderous Wraths are great miracles as well. 1 red for 5 damage with the potential to Increasing vengeance or reverberate is one hell of a hit to the face Once again this is just my play style, but I hope it helps with ideas for your deck.

September 29, 2012 2:28 a.m.

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