The swans are coming!

I presents to you my janky for-the-lulz modern combo deck. Meet Swans of Bryn Argoll , the creature that will let you draw a bucketload of cards. Pair that with Seismic Assault and you can keep pinging the swans for more cards.

Winning combo

<> Pseudo infinite <> 3 cards <> 2 in play, 1 in hand <> Can go off on turn 4 <>
It goes as follows: Swans of Bryn Argoll + Seismic Assault + Dakmor Salvage. Discard Dakmor as the cost of Seismic. Dakmor is in the grave when Seismic damage goes on the stack. You shoot the Swans, draw a card and dredge Dakmor. Repeat until you have drawn enough lands to kill your opponent.

Game plan

Putting the Swans in a Grixis shell means a few good things.Cards that tend to play very well together in getting a grip of the game.
Bolt, Spellskite, Snapcaster + Bolt, Kommand all give game against aggressive decks. Serum Visions allows shadier opening hands to be kept.
Clear the board with Anger of the Gods. Build your own board with Swans and Spellskite. Combo off.

Kommand has the much appreciated modes of shooting the Swans for 2 or bringing the Swans back from the grave. Or Kommand can 2-for-1 outvalue the opponent. Even more with Snapcaster. Seriously. Chaining Snapcaster and Kommand should be very frowned upon. Use that to stall until the combo is ready.
Last but not least the Swans themselves are 4 damage in the air. Hence the deck can win the old fashioned way if the combo is hiding in the library.
Vs. aggro:
Spreading Seas is lovely against the manlands utilized in aggressive decks. Many of them can also be locked out of their color(s) with it.

Vs. midrange:
Dismember for the fatties like Tasigur, the Golden Fang, Tarmogoyf, Restoration Angel and the like. Thoughtseize to take their winning threats before they become threats. Remand won't keep them away forever.

Vs. control:
We bring in some Dispel and Swan Song to counterproof important spells. Laboratory Maniac is a failsafe against decks that hate us with Leyline of Sanctity. Keranos, God of Storms helps play the long game vs.

WARNING: The deck is bad

This may surprise you but this deck is not actually a top tier deck. Proceed at your own risk. It is pretty spicy though. It will definitely surprise your opponent. Have fun with it. Or don't. Aaaand if you like the deck I would like to humbly ask for a +1
If you hate it you can always yell at me in the comments :)
Honorary mention to Swan Song. It couldn't make the mainboard because it's fucking bad. The deck is spicy enough as it is. Sorry guys, I know some of you find this to be incredibly bad taste. Swan Song sends its regards from the sideboard.


Updates Add

Feast your eyes on a new and prettier deck description with even prettier pictures. The deck is more refined and has received the blessing that is Ancestral Vision.

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