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Orzhov Warrior White/Black Deck

Modern Aggro Competitive Tribal W/B (Orzhov)




A Black/White Tribal Warrior deck for Modern.

This deck formerly served as a standard deck from the beginning of the Khans of Tarkir block to the Shadows over Innistrad release.

This deck has had numerous finishes in the prize pool at Game Day and FMN. Comments and suggestions are always welcome

Due to listing different version of cards in the card list, the playtest feature does not use all the cards in the deck. Please use the playtest II feature to see all cards in the deck.

Note: Only cards currently owned are listed. Any recommendation made, will be incorporated into the deck, once cards are acquired.


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This deck is being retired due to the standard rotation. The deck has been relabeled as a Modern deck. I doubt it will be competitive in that format, but I didn't have the heart to dissemble the deck after its two years of service in the standard format.

Maybe some day, it will get pulled off the shelf for some casual magic.

The unmodified version of the standard deck can be found at

Orzhov Warrior White/Black Deck Zendikar Standard

Standard doriboncore


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This deck is Modern legal.

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