This is my shot at brewing from scratch using some of the dankest creatures in all the lands. Stream Hopper and good ole Noggle Bandit are amazing in all facets. Trying to make this deck semi competitive might be a challenge...


Main goal is semi-aggro with some burn.

A subtheme is unblockable and obviously casting both blue and red spells to trigger Shrewd Hatchling and Riverfall Mimic .

There are some variants of T4 wins but consistent T5 wins with all the evasion.

This deck is not going for the hyper aggro but more of a consistent beatdown with some mid-range options to swing in for quite a bit of damage.

If you want to see my deck containing the dankest creatures in standard,

Click here: Show

Any advise would be awesome! I don't want this deck to turn into the more common/popular izzet decks. Gotta keep it weird! I'm not very familiar with any sideboard strats so anything would be very helpful.

Reached #1 on T/O, July 25, 2015!!

Thanks for the love everyone! Glad to know people appreciate the strangeness as much as I do.

If you liked my deck enough to put it in a folder, don't forget to

Thanks for stopping by and stay D A N K !


Taking another look at this deck. Has done me very proud with the response from the tappedout community and from its performance in the multiverse.

Added: Stitch in Time as if it works, could put the damage over the edge with the additional turn and if not, it still activates Riverfall Mimic. This deck welcomes the jank with open arms.

Any sideboard suggestions would be awesome and thanks for stopping by! :D

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Madame_Bichi says... #1

It's lil niggles like you that really naggle me because you promote a noggle deck and don't use only noggles.

July 17, 2017 9:26 p.m.

noodr says... #2

I would say that me "promoting" the deck is in the description which says it's a deck with dank creatures. The name is only a clickbait to trap fellows like you (:

July 18, 2017 12:44 a.m.

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