This is my shot at brewing from scratch using some of the dankest creatures in all the lands. Stream Hopper and good ole Noggle Bandit are amazing in all facets. Trying to make this deck semi competitive might be a challenge...


Main goal is to hit hard with our Riverfall Mimic early with all of our spells. Get a Clout of the Dominus on it and we get a 5/5 unblockable shrouded beast.

Attempting to tempo out our oppo with Blood Moon and get value with Crackleburr and Ral Zarek in the mid to late game.

It does pain me to remove Noggle Hedge-Mage and Noggle Bandit but they are just too underpowered in a modern meta of this caliber. Stream Hopper is still going hard though as it turns on Riverfall Mimic and can be pretty sweet with a Clout of the Dominus.

Any advise would be awesome! I don't want this deck to turn into the more common/popular izzet decks. Gotta keep it weird! I'm not very familiar with any sideboard strats so anything would be very helpful.

Reached #1 on T/O, July 25, 2015!!

Thanks for the love everyone! Glad to know people appreciate the strangeness as much as I do.

If you liked my deck enough to put it in a folder, don't forget to

Thanks for stopping by and stay D A N K !


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Making this deck a little less jank and a little more competitive. The previous versions didn't have much counter play or interaction besides a couple of Izzet Charms. This obviously was an issue and the deck didn't have enough punch to finish off our opponent. I think the idea of pumping up our Riverfall Mimic can be an effective strat, we just needed to take a slightly different approach. With the addition of Blood Moon, Remand, and Ral Zarek, we transformed the jank aggro to jank tempo. We are trying to hit hard with our Riverfall Mimic early and then smooth out the mid game with some control while retaining the soul of the deck: the dank. Let me know what you guys think, and as always, suggestions are always welcome.

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