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Saliva of the Space-Aardvark

Standard Aggro Artifact Budget Combo Jank Mono-Red



The dankest creature in standard: Show

"They are non-sapient, six-limbed, vaguely ant-eater- or aardvark-like creatures that feed on Aether, dismantling artifacts to get it. Their saliva is corrosive, allowing them to breach through metal hulls to reach their food. When they feed they glow in a faint blue colour. As a side effect of their extremely messy feeding, much of the aether is liberated back into the environment."


"Gremlins breed during the warm season. Their youngs are called grubs."

My take on the mono-red gremlins deck for standard.

Trying to prepare for the next rotation so Battle for Zendikar and Shadows over Innistrad aren't included.

That being said, here are some maybes from Hour of Devastation so far:

"If an elf can dream it, a dwarf can build it, and a gremlin can eat it"

An ode to the dankest creature in standard. Keeping magic weird since this guy.

If you want to see my deck containing the dankest creatures in modern,

Click here: Show

Any suggestions are very welcome as it's been a while since I've played in the format and this is my first shot at brewing for standard. Pretty stoked to be able to get the whole deck for about 30 bucks too! Gotta love some budget jank.

Reached #1 on T/O, July 11, 2017!!

Thanks for the love everyone! Glad to know people appreciate the strangeness as much as I do.

If you liked my deck enough to put it in a folder, don't forget to

Thanks for stopping by and stay WEIRD !


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Playtested a bunch and have come across a build that I have really been pleased with. A lot more threats made it much more consistent. It's become not as cheap with the rise in Bomat Courier, Sweltering Suns, and Abrade which makes me sad but I guess if you snooze you lose.

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+2 Scrap Trawler main
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-2 Invigorated Rampage main
-4 Bomat Courier main
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