Deck is built around general winning by burn.

Basically using Goblin Electromancer , and Guttersnipe to increase the tempo. Mizzium Mortars for crowd control.

The control is just on the side for card drawn and keeping stuff i can't burn off the board.

I would very much appreciate help; 5 cards too many in the deck, along with any criticisms or tips.


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When 3-1 at FNM

Round 1

  1. Playing an azorius detain tempo deck. Stalled with burn and counter until ultimate with Tamiyo, the Moon Sage. Then Searing Spear to win.

  2. Dropped guttersinpe on an empty board turn three. Burn and counterspell secured that game

Round 2

  1. Slaughtered by WR humans, especialy when Hellrider hit the board. Needed more small board removal

  2. Sided in a magma quake. But Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Silverblade Paladin swung for win.

Round 3

  1. Deathtouch GB deck with fight. i won without playing creatures, it's bombs being dropped late ran into counterspell

  2. Both Pithing Needles saw play and Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius secured me the win.

Round 4

  1. Against WG populate. I was mana flooded and hit 12 land. he was only on 4 manaDropped electromancer turn 13, turn 13/14/15, dummped hand to win.

  2. He hit perfect mana and after 15min he won with 2 8/8 gardians

  3. Turn 1 killed Arbor ElfTurn 2 electromancerturn 3 GuttersnipeTurn 4 draw 2 cards, swingturn 5 burn for 9turn 6 miracle Bonfire of the Damned

Added 2 Electrickery to deal with lots of little things


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