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New G/W Aggro Deck.


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So today was the first time I played the deck and I went 5-2 (Games 12-5). Placed 14th out of 71 players.

Won Round One: 2-1 Over U/W Delver PikeGame 1: Played three Blade Splicers in a row and he eventually just scooped.Game 2: Lost to 2 Flipped Delver of Secrets  Flip. Needed to draw an 5th land to be ok but didnt.Game 3: Had Ajani, Caller of the Pride and Garruk Relentless  Flip out and over ran him with creatures. Thragtusk was big.Lost Round Two: 2-1 to Wolf Run Ramp Game 1: Pretty even until he landed Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Game 2: Over ran him quicky with Silverblade Paladin and Rancor and Sublime ArchangelGame 3: Lost to Inkmoth Nexus and Kessig Wolf RunWon Round Three: 2-0 Over Some Sort of U/B/R Deck, didn't get to see much of it.Game 1: Didnt play any creatures just over ran him quicklyGame 2: Ajani, Caller of the Pride and Garruk Relentless  Flip got there together.Lost Round Four: 2-1 to Grand ArchitectGame 1: Lost to a Wurmcoil Engine and Steel Hellkite I was mana flooded.Game 2: He got mana flooded and I then overran himGame 3: He got there with the Grand Architect and the Steel Hellkite pair to a Silverblade Paladin which he copied from me with the Phyrexian MetamorphWon Round Five: 2-0 Over R/W HumansGame 1: Won with the Sublime Archangel, he almost won but was one damage short.Game 2: Sided in the Sword of War and Peace and got it in my opening hand, it owned.Won Round Six: 2-0 Over InfectGame 1: He got mana screwed and I just over ran himGame 2: Had better card but was able to chump block and then fly over him using Rancor on the angels.Won Round Seven: 2-0 Over U/W DelverGame 1: Over ran him with Blade Splicer and RancorGame 2: Garruk Relentless  Flip and Ajani, Caller of the Pride worked well together and Gavony Township sealed the win by pumping all of my creatures.

Please comment your thoughts.I need to adjust the sideboard and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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