This is my take on a Bant/Midrange deck splashing Evolve for some, what I consider, neat tricks to bring a fresh and unexpected look to the deck. Lots of acceleration to speed up what you're doing to keep you from being to late to the show in the case of Aggro.

Rancor is there to fuel the card Draw of Garruk and Prime Speaker, as well as provide some quicker aggression.

I feel like Geist of Saint Traft is a perfect fuel card for to boost up your Evolve creature initially, and then again after using Bioshift to push them onto something else.

I feel like Lyev Skyknight, Angel of Serenity and Spell Rupture make solid arguments for being in the Mainboard to provide extra Control. Also, they bring even stronger arguments of being in the Sideboard if not Mainboard.

I also feel like Entreat the Angels could be a very strong card in the deck when it comes to boosting things with Evolve, especially with it's Mircale, but just not 100% sure if there is enough of the ability featured to make running this card worth it.

Simic Manipulator is another card that I feel could bring a lot to the table in this deck, but again, not sure if it's pulling to much away from the core of the deck, just to bring more presence to Evolve. Although, it could provide some solid control against things like Thundermaw Hellkite that I'm leaving myself open to in the mid game. It poses the question of it should have a spot in the Sideboard more than it does the Mainboard to be honest.

Both Wolfir Silverheart and Intangible Virtue are cards that I feel like could have a place in the deck, the former moreso than the latter, but I just can't figure out what would be worth moving them out for, and whether or not they would fit better in the Sideboard or Mainboard.


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