Weird concept but fun to play, especially multiplayer. The basic idea is to have at least 2 faeries and Hive Mind out. You then cast Doomsday causing everyone to lose half their life and fix their library at 5 cards. Then use draw spells (Breakthrough Diminishing Returns Ponder Brainstorm) to cause your opponents to draw out the rest of their libraries and lose the game. Follow this up by countering the original draw spell with Spellstutter Sprite and you win! Swap in Shared Fate and Psychic Battle for multiplayer madness and mayhem!

Doomsday + Hive Mind

Hive Mind + Shared Fate

Cloud of Faeries + Quickling + Spellstutter Sprite


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It has been well over a year since I started work on this deck and have put it together irl. It is about time.


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