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Cohesive Courage [Ally Aggro]

Modern Aggro Allies Budget Mono-White Tribal Weenie



With the new Changelings in Modern Horizons, I wanted to revisit an oft overlooked tribe; Allies! Irregular Cohort is nice here, creating another ally to trigger any abilities -- It's a toss-up between that and Join the Ranks for the same effect at instant speed, however -- This'll need some testing.

The other new option is Valiant Changeling which in a perfect world we can get down to for a double-striking ally. With a single ally out, it's already reduced to so again, it might just be better to use Join the Ranks but you lose the double-strike.

Mirror Entity is the classic win-more changeling, had to include it as an option just because.

Ephemerate -- Hoo-boy. No "buts" about it. Just plain good -- Delayed double Cloudshift for is amazing. Playset.


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