He was just an average kid turning 20. 130 pounds, 5 foot 9, lanky with glasses, no real friends to speak of. He had a job, which he enjoyed, about the only exciting point of his life. He played some big trading card game that was internationally known, which he was okay at. He basically lived a very, ''quiet'' life. The morning of his birthday started like all the others, except for his whole family jumping on him at 7:00 in the morning and wishing him happy birthday. He went back to sleep until about 11, then got up. after lunch, he went for a bike ride until everyone came for his party. It was a hot summer day with nothing different, except for this splitting headache he had. He never got headaches usually, but he shrugged it off as just the heat. The party was pretty nice, with everyone oohing and ahhing at his gifts and the cake and how old he was getting. The headache was worse, but again he ignored it. The family told him to relax while they cleaned up. Now there was nothing left except to wait until about 9:00, which was when he had been born. The family usually did a toast and slapped him on the back at this time every year. His little brother went upstairs with his father for bedtime stories, after saying goodnight and happy birthday. By now the headache was a full-blown migraine, and he considered going to bed early and sleeping it off. 9:00 struck on the church bell in town, and as the last toll sounded, all hell broke loose. Abruptly, his head felt like it split apart, he vomited on the floor, stumbling around as his head throbbed faster and faster. As he fell to his hands and knees, out of the corner of his eye he saw sparks play across his hand. He floated up, more sparks crackling across his body and the floor. An energy welled up inside him, threatning to tear him apart. The room exploded, blowing the walls out and annihilating the ceiling in a purple and black wall of pure energy, leaving smoldering ruins. He stared at the wreakage, disbelieving. This only happened in movies, not to normal people! Five pillars of black cloud touched down around him, swirling into human-like shapes. They touched him and suddenly he found himself high above the earth, looking down at the lights that marked cities. The humanoid shapes whispered to him about the prophecy of a man, on his twentieth birthday, unlocking an unimaginable power. The power of the five elements of magic. They told him about the destructive potential of it, including his ability to travel to other worlds, completely new planes of existence. He clenched his fist. The power seethed and twisted inside of him, eager to obey. The humanoids nodded, approval radiating from them. The Destroyer had been born, and the Eon of War, the complete destruction of the multiverse had begun.


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