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Infinite Cat Lady (3-1 at FNM)




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The deck performed as wonderfully as I hoped it would. Our first and only loss was to 4-Color Saheeli, but we proceeded to run over (ha) R/W vehicles and mono-white humans as well as the Jeskai Saheeli mirror. Our first FNM also showed that our sideboard needed some serious work, so that has been reworked substantially, and there have been a few tweaks to the mainboard. All in all, I'm incredibly happy with the deck and look forward to playing it even more.

As Aetherworks Marvel has shown us, combo decks can work in Standard. And as Pro Tour Kaladesh showed us, control decks are finally viable once again (specifically those of the draw-go variety). And with the release of Aether Revolt comes a new combo that can fit comfortably into a Jeskai Control shell.

Without further ado, I present Infinite Cat Lady

Strictly speaking, this is not a through and through combo deck. Originally, this was a strict Jeskai Control build with Thing in the Ice  Flip and Torrential Gearhulk as the win-cons. But after seeing Felidar Guardian spoiled, I figured that the deck had enough flexibility to support the combo without losing out on too much of its control aspects. The Jeskai build also lend's us some great tools that can not only protect our combo, but also help us dig for the pieces we need to combo off. The deck also gives us the ability to answer the mirror matchup not only in the main deck, but in the sideboard as well.


After playing at FNM and seeing what PT Aether Revolt brought to the table, I decided to switch up the sideboard a good deal. Below you'll find all the changes and my reasoning behind them.

2x Fumigate: Having an unconditional sweeper in the matchup against any aggro deck such as G/W tokens, B/G counters, or Mardu Vehicles is wonderful. And the lifegain can keep is in the game longer. A total of 5 sweepers in the 75 may seem like a lot, but it's warranted when we face up against so much aggro.

2x Negate and 3x Dispel People really really really want to disrupt our combo with instant speed removal, and Negate and Dispel oftentimes save the day. Being able to deny an Unlicensed Disintegration or Murder for one or two mana is great. Aggro decks have a tendency to tap out for their removal spells, so being able to counter the only one they can get off generally wins us the game.

3x Authority of the Consuls Authority is great in most matchups, really. Against any aggro deck it provides a nice buffer with lifegain, it prevents creatures from crewing immediately, and it trips our opponent up just enough for us to stabilize and take over the game.

4x Shock Another great answer to aggro and the combo mirror. Kills most every creature in the Mardu Vehicles deck and can hit Tireless Tracker before its trigger resolves.

Main Deck Edits

Shock has been moved to the sideboard. It never really had any relevance as a two of in any of the matchups, but it certainly has its uses as a four of in the sideboard.

Another Negate has been added to the main. With the prominence of Planeswalkers and Vehicles, another negate is a solid way to help us control the early game.

1x Void Shatter and 1x Disallow added for more unconditional counter magic.


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