"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

-Terry Pratchett

As you all are more than likely aware, there's this midrange deck floating around Modern dubbed "Mardu Pyromancer." It has been making waves in Modern Leagues and Grands Prix for at least the past year, and I am hooked on this angry, value-town deck!

When I first started playing MTG, I thought that the Modern format meant you can do whatever stupid thing you wanted... boy was I wrong, dead wrong. I tried walking into a tournament (0% experience, no concept of meta, 0-card sideboard), and got my ass handed to me by some guy packing Jund. Since that day, I realized the format was a little different than Standard. A year-or-so later and Dragons of Tarkir shows up, and all of a sudden Standard and Modern both cost hundreds of dollars and do degenerate things. I looked into Modern, but saw nothing outside Jund and Affinity that I liked, so I stayed in the (somewhat) cheaper format. Flash forward again, I'm still playing Standard, but one deck making the rounds caught my eye. It had everything:

What was there to not like?.. Nothing, that's what! As it currently sits, I have all the pieces to assemble the above decklist. I do realize there are more optimal lands available... * cough ** cough * Blackcleave Cliffs , but I'm a little strapped for cash and want to get the party started. I could give a breakdown of the deck and why my scrub ass chose certain cards, but we both know someone much wiser than me produced most of the deck, I just sprinkled in some spice and replaced some wallet-punching cards.

As always, questions and comments are appreciated, advice and suggestions are demanded, and happy tapping out!


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