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Soul Sisters (Sky Monument)

Modern Aggro Competitive Lifegain Mono-White Tokens



This is my take on modern Monument Soul Sisters. The synergy between the soul sisters, Archangel of Thune, and Oketra's Monument is strong that it is usually game ending when they get resolved unanswered. Pre-sideboard, the plan is to go all out on the aggro plan as fast as I can. If I have Oketra's Monument out by turn 3, I can usually have lethal by turn 5 if I have Archangel of Thune on turn 4 and at least three soul sisters on the battlefield uninterrupted.

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My sideboard is dedicated to combating this deck's combo weakness as it has a relatively great matchup against aggro/midrange/burn. Disenchant usually gets boarded in for decks that I suspect uses Ensnaring Bridge/Engineered Explosives. Detention Sphere is a good catch all for any other problematic non-land permanents. Leyline of Sanctity protects against discard and storm. Rest in Peace is great against storm too as well as a slew of other decks that uses the graveyard. Stony Silence comes in for affinity in addition to Disenchant and Detention Sphere as a fast affinity deck usually makes it hard for me to get back into the game.

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