Basically just one of every card. Plus a couple extra contraptions so I could get 2 in every pack.

Pre-build: Randomly select one of any card from Unstable that has different rules text (ie: Knight of the Kitchen Sink, Very Cryptic Command, etc.). Any card that had only alternate flavor text and art I chose my favorite one and added it.

Pack build: 25 packs (24 for a normal draft plus 1 extra for Booster Tutor 4 rare, 5 uncommon, 6 common for 22 packs 3 packs get an extra rare in the uncommon slot 2 of those three packs get an extra rare in the common slot 2 contraptions per pack including the booster tutor pack This leaves us with the 10 mythics put off to the side.

Mythics will be distributed by replacing one card at random in each pack until no more are available. Still undecided if I want to use all of them each time I do a draft.

Contraptions: Contraptions in the actual unstable packs are packaged with the following distribution sets: Slot 1 Slot 2 Mythic Uncommon Mythic Common Rare Uncommon Rare Common Uncommon Common Common Common (credit to for the chart)

This will be replicated pretty closely by simply having a pile of commons and uncommons, and flipping a coin to chose which one to draw from for each mythic and rare, then pairing the rest of the commons and uncommons together.

Colorless (127)

Artifact (99)

Creature (19)

Land (8)

Unknown (1)

ddrase says... #1

Thinking of building an un-cube as well. Looking at this list I still only see one of each card. Which ones did you double up on? Also have you played or updated this lately?

September 14, 2015 12:37 p.m.

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