Neural Network


Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Unstable (UN3) Uncommon

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Neural Network

Artifact — Contraption

Whenever you crank Neural Network, gain control of target creature an opponent controls with power less than or equal to the number of creature cards in its controller's graveyard until end of turn. Untap that creature. It gains haste until end of turn.

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Neural Network Discussion

_raeofsunlight on

9 months ago

I understand that this is super late (I'm after you in the tribal deck advertisement post), but I decided to do more than a typical deck critique-- I decided to put this together and test it out in a game or two. All in all, it's a good deck, a little slow if you don't get the more preferable cards out, but good. I was 4 or 5 cards short, so I threw in a few Clock of DOOOOOOOOOOOOM! to make up for it. I lost the first game, but that was mostly because my friend pulled an infinite combo out of his ass (irritating to say the least) but the second game I won due to a beautiful match-up of Buzz Buggy, Guest List, Head Banger, and Neural Network all on the same crank. It took two rounds of that to take him out, but it worked well. The only issue I found was the mixture of watermark effects and figuring out what I could apply to each card.

Anyway, +1, it was a deck that was worth my time.