Old Fogey


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Unhinged (UNH) Rare

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Old Fogey

Creature — Dinosaur

Phasing, cumulative upkeep (1), echo, fading 3, bands with other Dinosaurs, protection from Homarids, snow-covered plainswalk, flanking, rampage 2

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Old Fogey Discussion

verse2wo on Dino Doom!

4 months ago

If I may, Old Fogey?

NathanNati0n on Prehistoric Justice 2.0 (#2 Gishath EDH)

5 months ago

nintendo917 you are right! But they haven't errated anything yet either, currently the only true Dinosaur is Old Fogey.

aeonstoremyliver on Pattern Recognition #37 - Figure ...

7 months ago

The level up mechanic was a super neat idea on paper, at least. Playing during the ROE block, I really liked the mechanic...at first. But what really sucked was paying mana to level up your creature (which is a good mana sink, but I digress), only for it to die to Doom Blade. gasp. I know that's a tired argument, however it definitely puts the level up mechanic at a card disadvantage due to all the efficient removal spells amok.

I definitely agree that Monstosity, Embalm, and Eternalize are steps in the right direction. In fact, cards like Stormbreath Dragon are good enough to be played in Modern, unlike most of the 'Levelers.'

In any case, I enjoy reading your articles as an Old Fogey myself!

DarkLaw on Magic's 25th Anniversary

8 months ago

Ah yes, the Old Fogey werewolves.

Speaking of changed type lines, I just saw that Putrid Warrior has been erratad (?) to be a warrior as well as a zombie soldier - thanks for clearing that up, wizards. "Creature - Zombie Soldier Warrior." A man who goes to work even as a zombie has some real dedication. These Invasion/Apocalypse type lines are hilarious.

In short, Dominaria hype?

Yesterday on How does blocking as a ...

9 months ago

Sorry, another banding question.

The defending player has an Old Fogey on the battlefield and five other Game-Trail Changeling dinosaurs on the battlefield, so can block as a band.

If the attacking player has a Brontotherium and Provokes one of the defending player's creatures, can the defending player still block as a band including that creature?

Can Battlefront Krushok be blocked by a band of creatures? If not, I assume a band of creatures can block a creature with Menace like Boggart Brute?

Or if so, what exactly happens if Nacatl War-Pride is blocked by a band? And if not, I assume that the defending player would be unable to block as a band because each creature would have to individually block a different token copy of Nacatl War-Pride?

aeonstoremyliver on Iconic Masters Announced

10 months ago

As one who's an Old Fogey and has been playing since circa 1994, this sounds really cool! But, I really hope they reprint some really solid value cards, especially given the $10 per pack MSRP.

berryjon on Pattern Recognition #15 - The ...

1 year ago

Podma101: Jace won't die. He's their poster boy for Planeswalkers, and they named their proprietary font for their cards after him. They can't get rid of him, because as any Old Fogey can tell you - Blue Wins.

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