Old Fogey


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Unhinged (UNH) Rare

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Old Fogey

Creature — Dinosaur

Phasing, cumulative upkeep (1), echo, fading 3, bands with other Dinosaurs, protection from Homarids, snow-covered plainswalk, flanking, rampage 2

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Old Fogey Discussion

autompne on Selvala Brostorm

2 weeks ago

Old Fogey is fun if your play group allows it, love the flavor. I'm testing Summer Bloom , Krosan Wayfarer and Eater of Days (i know these cards are sorta bad buti like them hehe, but I am playing in a meta that doesn't allow inf combos, so no sabertooth, staff or umbral.

Was wondering if you had any recommendations for deck changes if you can't play those three cards (sabertooth, umbral, staff) so you have to rely on fully storming out without inf mana? In my testing I am still able to pull off turn 3-5 wins consistently, but there could be improvements i am missing.

berryjon on Modern Horizons Announced

7 months ago

PlatinumOne: I am enough of an Old Fogey and Vorthos that any Serra that doesn't make Jace, the Mind Sculptor look like garbage is merely average. ;)

I'm still going to get at least one copy of her, that's for sure.

[email protected]_only on We're Getting the Band Back Together

10 months ago

WHAAAAAT!?! no love for Old Fogey in the "bands with others" section? for shame! =P

In all seriousness, fun stuff, and a decent explination (especially given the length of the actual rules text). the closest parallel I've seen was Defensive Formation, but for the band itself, rather than all blocking creatures. nice work!

Phaetion on Anybody Else Annoyed? The Potential ...

1 year ago

I'm not intent on getting the card, but I'm disgusted. This sets a very bad precedent for the future.

Oh, for you Old Fogeys out there...remember Nalathni Dragon? Do you recall that it was once exclusive to an event long ago? WOTC faced severe backlash for their decision and it was since reprinted in larger numbers.

This is THAT event happening all over again! They have forgotten their lesson, even though they tout their 25th anniversary.

Such a cool card wasted on what technically is a cash grab. shakes fist

verse2wo on Dino Doom!

1 year ago

If I may, Old Fogey?

NathanNati0n on Prehistoric Justice 2.0

2 years ago

nintendo917 you are right! But they haven't errated anything yet either, currently the only true Dinosaur is Old Fogey.

aeonstoremyliver on Pattern Recognition #37 - Figure ...

2 years ago

The level up mechanic was a super neat idea on paper, at least. Playing during the ROE block, I really liked the mechanic...at first. But what really sucked was paying mana to level up your creature (which is a good mana sink, but I digress), only for it to die to Doom Blade. gasp. I know that's a tired argument, however it definitely puts the level up mechanic at a card disadvantage due to all the efficient removal spells amok.

I definitely agree that Monstosity, Embalm, and Eternalize are steps in the right direction. In fact, cards like Stormbreath Dragon are good enough to be played in Modern, unlike most of the 'Levelers.'

In any case, I enjoy reading your articles as an Old Fogey myself!

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