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Hi there, I'm icehit6. I've played Magic since March of 2015, actually my senior year of High School, after my friends showed me the game and got me quite addicted to it.

I first started out unsure of what I liked to play, but I remember my first two decks I ever acquired for myself were the Speed vs. Cunning precon intro decks. After losing and winning both (more losses than wins!) at lunchtime Magic the Gathering, I knew that competitive magic was something that I really enjoyed and I looked to build my first competitive deck, which eventually ended up being what is now Selesnya Elves of the Sun.

After building my elves over a long, one year building process, I yearned for completing other competitive decks. And thus my addiction began.

I went through a period of where I played elves at competitive FNM, then Storm, and then Infect. Right now I have three completed competitive decks, all with lists on this website.

Selesnya Elves of the Sun which is my competitive elves build. My literal pride and joy and something that is always in the building process, this was my first deck that I ever build that has an extremely long history. Believe it or not, this deck actually started out as beast tribal and slowly turned into tribal elves.

Storm is the new Splinter Twin which I made after the banning of Splinter Twin in modern and a deck that I really enjoy if I want to just sit down and have some fun. Inspired to build it after learning about Jon Finkel. Fully competitive, however it's never complete without that playset of Scalding Tarn. I still thinks it runs the same, and I've had some pretty impressive wins (and losses!) with it.

Lastly I've got Competitive Infect, which I built originally for my brother to play at FNM with me. It turned out he did enjoy the game, but not as much as me, so the 20 dollar build that I made for him turned into the full blown competitive build. No story behind it, just wanted another fun "combo-aggro" deck to play :)

As of recent, I've been fooling around with a Death's Shadow build in Esper colors. Quite unorthodox, but very effective. Esper Shadows - Plunge into Death! offers a turn 2 win, a little more consistent turn 3 win, and very consistent turn 4 and 5 wins. It's an aggro deck, but as well a combo based deck too that offers a lot of interaction, which makes it very fun to play. Still looking to fine tune it, but definitely worth a look!

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I personally don't even think this list is that outdated. I'm just not a huge fan of the Devoted Druid infinite combo that's why I choose not to use it. Largely, this is a competitive deck and if it's underestimated you're gonna get punished for thinking it won't fare well. It has a surprising amount of resiliency.

As for the comment about the mana and the outlets for it, you don't really get to have that much mana. Removal runs rampant in modern and being able to play mana dorks is pretty difficult in this format. So what seems like a lot, really isn't a lot.

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Selesnya Elves of the Sun

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Storm is the new Splinter Twin

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Esper Shadows - Plunge into Death!

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