My mono white equipment EDH. With Balan, Wandering Knight being the commander, it's mainly a voltron startegy. This deck was based upon the C14 EDH preconstructed, but at this point only several of it's cards remain in the deck. Infect effects such as Grafted Exoskeleton , Ichorclaw Myr or Plague Myr can be added to scale this deck to a larger number of opponents (and perhaps Blade of Selves , but it doesn't really go that well with our commander). I chose not to include Infect in the base deck as it isn't exactly the easiest strategy to pull off and it generates a lot of threat/hate towards us. Assault Suit is a very interesting card in this deck, as with it in play you can start negotiating with other players on who will get your Balan, Wandering Knight to smash faces for the turn, essentially giving you "free" combat steps (accumulating commander damage for example).

Main weakness is of course artifact hate. We can protect our artifacts with cards such as Indomitable Archangel (which unfortunately also shrouds Etched Champion or Gold Myr , if we ever need them) and Leonin Abunas . We can also recur artifacts from the graveyard with the help of Nahiri, the Lithomancer , Remember the Fallen or Sun Titan . Worst case scenario, we can always cast Oblation on a particularly valuable equipment about to be exiled. Then because of a relatively low creature count, any gravepact effect is going to hurt us particularly. The only card that would solve that is outside our color identity ( Sigarda, Host of Herons ), so unfortunately we have to remain vulnerable in that field. Reveillark sort of helps with that, but only for so long (but with Helm of the Host it becomes really potent).

This deck will work just fine with any other equipment focused commander. I'm thinking about reusing this deck to build a boros equipment commander, mainly for the godly Sunforger .

All feedback appreciated :)



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