Civic Saber


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Uncommon

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Civic Saber

Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+0 for each of its colors.Equip 1

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Civic Saber Discussion

The7thBobba on The Gold Standard (5-Color Blades)

22 hours ago

This is pure badassery! I love the theme, the blend, the penache! I'd be hard pressed not to put in Civic Saber and maybe Transguild Courier. Stay frosty!

ComboCrazy on Witness the power of the Maelstrom.

6 days ago

Great theme! But... wincon? Maybe throw in something that is five colors and big? I'm thinking Maelstrom Archangel or Fusion Elemental. They're not broken but they can still win games. Also Civic Saber may be worth consideration, it's a solid card for the build.

Livingham on Good Times with Cromat

2 weeks ago

My cromat deck is more aimed at using charms for shenanigans/control but the odd win condition theme is just as prevalent. Given the access to 5 colors, Door to Nothingness seemed essential; it might not be a win condition but it's more fun and can be recurred with cards like Eternal Witness for more uses.

My favorite win condition in my cromat deck is Scapeshift, I didn't want to invest in an amazing mana base so my deck ramps into the appropriate colors which means that I usually have a good amount of lands in any given game. By the time I get scapeshift in any game, I almost always have 10 lands out which means I can tutor for Maze's End along with 9 guildgates; from here I either win next turn or that moment if Amulet of Vigor is out (which also synergizes with door to nothingness).

Another slight win condition in my deck is just hitting someone for lethal with cromat. With the versatility of charms along with a few cards that improve his offensive ability like Might of the Nephilim, Civic Saber, and Finest Hour it's not hard to one shot someone in a turn, especially if you have excess white and red mana to buff cromat with. I realized that, given how easy it is to get cromat to 20 power, Mayael's Aria actually proved to be a sufficient win condition.

GoldenDiggle on Greed Calls Beyond Death: A Reanimation Tale

3 months ago

I'd remove Quietus Spike, its kinda meh for voltron.

You should check out Civic Saber if you want another Conqueror's Flail buff.

The Karmic Guide combo is cool, but I don't know that it's necessary in a deck like this. This is voltron, and sure, you can tutor up combo pieces, or you can just attack and win.

Livingham on Wincons for 5c land deck

5 months ago

As stated before, Maze's End is the best option. I would recommend not running cards like Gatecreeper Vine though, as soon as your opponents see you fetching specifically for gates, they'll realize what you're trying to do and either focus you or blow up your lands. In my experience, Scapeshift alone is the way to go seeing as it's easy to ramp to 10 lands and get an easy win. Going along with the gate theme, Crackling Perimeter is a lot of fun especially when run with Seedborn Muse; if you decide to use the perimeter then it might be a good idea to use cards like gatecreeper vine after all so you can get as much damage across as possible every turn.

Genju of the Realm is also a fun card to play and, while not a win condition, people will often forget about and let you get across a good bit of damage with it. Door of Destinies is a good wincon (not automatic win but taking the biggest threat out of the game more often than not leads to a win) to abuse the fact that you have a lot of mana and access to all colors, but it's not necessarily land themed and you probably already know about it; you definitely want to include Amulet of Vigor for the ability to use it the turn you play it, but the amulet should be included regardless because it lets you instantly win with scapeshift.

As far as the commander goes, I would recommend Cromat considering he serves as a good mana sink. I run a charm themed deck with him at the helm and the deck's potential to produce mana synergizes incredibly well with cromat. Dumping any excess red and white mana you have into his buff ability allows him to get big fast, especially with cards like Might of the Nephilim, Civic Saber, and Finest Hour, and it's actually fairly common to deal 21 commander damage to someone in a single turn.

UnleashedHavok on For The Horde

7 months ago

One thing I would suggest. Why not swap out Civic Saber for Tenza, Godo's Maul? I'm assuming the saber is for Zurgo Helmsmasher, and the Maul just seems like a better option.

ibstudent2200 on Rainbow commander

7 months ago

Child of Alara's ability normally doesn't work well when it's your commander (if you move it to the command zone when it is destroyed, then it never reaches the graveyard to trigger the boardwipe). However, there are a few ways to get around this issue, such as moving Child of Alara to a different zone once it hits your graveyard. Cards like Mistveil Plains, Scrabbling Claws, and Relic of Progenitus can move your commander to the exile zone or your library, and you can then choose to move Child of Alara to your command zone instead (bonus points if you activate Mistveil Plains in response to Child of Alara's trigger). It's a quirk in the rules that I don't see in many Child of Alara decks exploiting for some reason.

Another way to abuse Child of Alara is to play cards that let you sacrifice the Child at instant speed, such as High Market or Grim Backwoods. Having the ability to wipe the board at instant speed is extremely potent.

Card choices: I should mention that I have certain biases when evaluating cards for EDH. I don't like paying more than 2 mana for creature removal (though I will pay 3 if needed), and I don't like paying more than 3-4 mana to remove a single permanent. I dislike creatures that have large stats with no other upsides (ex. I like Destructor Dragon more than Wolfir Silverheart), and I tend to view lifegain cards that don't also affect the board or synergize with other cards as dead weight. With that in mind, here's what I noticed about your deck:

Ainok Guide < Gatecreeper Vine < Sakura-Tribe Elder. You'll almost never use the +1/+1 counter option on the Guide.

Bounding Krasis is a card I expect to see in combo decks that use Splinter Twin, but I'm not sure if the card is good enough if you aren't blinking it, bouncing it, or comboing off with it. How has the card played out for you?

Fusion Elemental is an 8/8 for 5 at best, and I'm not convinced that you can consistently get WUBRG by turn 5 with your mana base (and if you can't, then I can list a dozen creatures that are easier to cast and have stats that are comparable if not better than Fusion Elemental). Plus, given how common boardwipes are in the format (including the one built into your commander), you're probably better off playing a slightly smaller creature that draws you a card or blows up a permanent.

Highspire Mantis doesn't do anything.

Mage-Ring Responder can do good work if you can untap it, but I don't see many ways to do this in your deck. Just play Duplicant if you want an artifact creature that gets rid of other creatures.

Merciless Executioner is a solid card, but it gets way better when you can recur the card (or take advantage of the fact that it kills your own creatures). I'm not saying this is a card to cut, but it is somewhat strange to see it in a deck where you don't abuse it all that much.

Nest Invader < Cultivate/Kodama's Reach in decks that don't recur the Invader. Color fixing is vital in 5-color decks, and making an Eldrazi Spawn token doesn't do much for you in this area.

Nivix Cyclops is a 7/4 with no evasion at best, and in most cases it's a 1/4 or a 4/4. You can do way better than that.

Pristine Skywise seems slightly worse than Pristine Angel to me, but maybe the additional power is worth the slightly weaker ability. It's your call.

Thunderclap Wyvern < Dictate of Heliod.

Brink of Disaster < at least 30 other removal spells. Go for the Throat and Victim of Night are two that you can acquire fairly easily.

Call of the Full Moon will rarely last long in EDH, given that there are multiple players and the games tend to go longer due to higher starting life totals. There are also better options if you're trying to win via commander damage (ex. Civic Saber gives +5/+0 to Child).

When you play Marked by Honor, you're just asking your creature to be targeted with a Terminate, at which point you'll have spent two cards to your opponent's one card.

Sheltered Aerie < Weirding Wood. Also, you should probably run more land ramp than anything else if you're playing Child of Alara.

Chandra's Fury is awful. There are at least a dozen cards that can deal 1 damage to each creature an opponent controls for 2-3 mana, and dealing 4 damage to a single opponent in a multiplayer game is not worth the extra mana.

Ethereal Ambush fairly underwhelming when your creature count is low.

Meditation Puzzle does nothing. If you really want lifegain, try Sun Droplet, which can gain you a fair amount of life over time.

Smash to Smithereens is usually worse than Nature's Claim in this format. Dealing 3 damage to one opponent is fairly weak when you have multiple opponents and they all start with 40 life. Using green artifact/enchantment removal is easier for you to cast, opens up way more options for valid targets, and saving mana is well worth the 4 life you give to a single opponent.

Warleader's Helix is also worse than MANY removal spells in the format. Putrefy and Mortify are two more budget-friendly options.

Why are you playing Act of Treason? You have access to cards like Bribery in your color identity already.

I'm not convinced that your mana base is able to handle casting so many different ultimatums when you need them.

I don't understand why you're playing mass land destruction (MLD) in this list. MLD has three common uses in the format:

  1. To stop opponents from developing when you have a massively superior board position, or can produce one without mana (ex. when you have Kaalia of the Vast and a hand full of angels/demons/dragons). This usually ends the game fairly quickly.
  2. To stop opponents from interacting with you when you're about to combo off. This tends to end the game on the spot.
  3. To force a concession by pointing out that your board position makes it nearly impossible for you to lose. This tends to end the game on the spot.
  4. To stall. This tends to drag the game out for at least an hour.

Your deck doesn't develop its board position rapidly enough to produce scenario #1, I didn't see any combos that would allow for scenario #2, and you don't have the stax pieces to create scenario #3. Scenario #4 is the reason that some playgroups ban MLD, so I'd suggest cutting Decree of Anhihilation and Obliterate unless you have a good reason not to do so.

Mill decks are hard to build in EDH, partly because of the increased deck size, and partly because of the number of decks that abuse the graveyard. Unless you are a dedicated mill deck, don't play cards like Dreadwaters.

Incremental Growth is basically unplayable if your deck is unable to abuse +1/+1 counters. Play Verdant Confluence or Collective Blessing instead.

Revel of the Fallen God makes 8 power with haste for 7 mana. That's fairly unimpressive in this format.

Spectral Procession seems difficult to cast, and the effect is only worthwhile when you can do it for 3 mana. Otherwise, there are much stronger cards you can play.

Orbs of Warding is a card I would normally expect to see when the deck plays lots cards like Pestilence. I haven't played with the card enough otherwise to be able to judge whether it's worth playing otherwise. However, I do think it's worse than Protective Sphere, which effectively prevents all but 1 damage if you have the mana base to handle it.

If you really want lifegain, Prism Ring is a pretty weak way to do it.

the_selby on I am Rafiq of the fraudulent wins!

7 months ago

Civic Saber and Hero's Blade feel underwhelming to me.

You have 8 artifact/enchantment removal spells, which feels like a lot to me, but this will depend on your meta.

Sovereigns of Lost Alara is an expensive 6 mana to tutor the single aura you have in your deck; the exalted trigger does not seem good enough to include this.

I love Stonehewer Giant and have tried him in many decks - I literally have never had him survive until my next turn to activate his tutor effect. Again, this depends on your meta, but for me he has always just been a mana sink. Keep in mind I also tend to play large multiplayer games, often up to 6 people.

If it was me, I would consider dropping the planeswalkers. If I was running this deck and brought out a planeswalker I would immediately be targeted by every other player. Again, all about that meta.

Hope that was useful.

I like the deck; upvoted

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