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Pain now. Wisdom... it comes later.

Well here it is. I took my Baralmancer deck's shell and made it competitive.

After months of testing and playing and testing again, I finally ended up here. Still waiting for some cards to come in so I can go thrash my local gameshop. Not quite the budget deck I had started with in mind but it ran so incredibly well and showed me so much potential and lethality that I just had to stop holding her back and let her run.

Baral, Chief of Compliance is out. He is just not the effective threat I hoped for. It took me a long time to admit it to myself. He became a secret source of dead draws that I just refused to notice. With his removal came the need to readjust my curve. Delver of Secrets   fit the open slot near perfectly. It saves me a mana and creates a threat that usually just cannot be ignored. With 29 slots full of the most vicious instants and sorceries I could get my hands on, the chance of him making the flip is nearly perfect. To help those odds, I installed a piping hot fresh set of Mission Briefing to help compliment the full set of Serum Visions.

The "Snapcaster Instant" also comes with some other more obvious benefits. Beyond being able to flashback your graveyard at will, it also pairs well with Young Pyromancer. Now creating a lethal boardstate takes much less effort and is typically much less obvious to your opponent. Control decks need an element of surprise. And without running down the "smash face outta nowhere creature" route, this leads to some nice offputting.

Feel free to draw a hand and run some plays! Let me know how it treats you! Please give me any feedback you can offer! If you like this build please upvote and subscribe to see all my future builds!

For refference, here is a link to the older version of this deck: Baralmancer Izzet Modern


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