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“The Year 2020” (COVID-19 THEMED)

Commander / EDH Rats Theme/Gimmick UB (Dimir)


Hello all! During these wild unprecedented times, I figured I'd throw together a silly deck (not meant to win quickly, or possibly at all) to give everyone a chance to not only remember this crazy roller-coaster that we know as "COVID-19", but to bring a few extra laughs to your next game night. Hope you enjoy! I am always open for suggestions, so feel free to critique.

Basically, this deck is themed around ye ol ‘RONA as the commander - as well as Bats, Rats, Infection, Sickness, Death, Plague, Disease, Laboratories, Masks, Medicine, Hornets, and even Marketplaces. This depiction is meant to symbolize significant events that have happened over the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic/quarantine.

Unfortunately, due to this color scheme I was not able to add Tigers to this deck as the only artifact creature, 'Paper Tiger' is banned in EDH. I personally blame CAROLE BASKIN.

Please leave a +1 if you got a kick out of this deck!

NOTE ”Spacegodzilla, Death Corona - Void Beckoner” is the proper labeling of the card in this deck - it is listed as "Void Beckoner" via tappedout due to Wizards changing the name of the card due to the pandemic.


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