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Flashfire -- Haste'n'Tempo

Modern Aggro Competitive RG (Gruul) Tempo





  • fast - against the turtle or non-creature builds, it can theoretically win on turn 2, wins occasionally on turn 3 (about 35% of games), and rather consistantly on turn 4
  • easy to pick up
  • great synergy between many cards, making for very dynamic and fun gameplay
  • lots of playable hands, lots of great topdecks
  • you either win fast or lose fast


  • is very weak against mass damage (and obviously mass removal)
  • mulligans well the first time, but becomes continually worse, considering that you want to throw your entire hand on the board
  • disadvantaged in the mid game, and unlikely to do all that much later on unless a miracle happens and you draw Reforge the Soul at the right time
  • you either win fast or lose fast

Synergy Examples

Thanks in advance for help and suggestions!


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