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I discovered Quest for Ula's Temple recently and decided to build a deck around it, since I have always been fascinated by sea monsters. This deck has everything to form a good Lovecraftian story: A search for a mysterious temple, foreshadowing from shady figures, evil spirits and, of course, gigantic underwater monstrosities.

The gameplan is pretty standard for this kind of deck.

1) Use Serum Powder to get Quest for Ula's Temple.

2) Use Augury Owl, Omenspeaker and Halimar Depths to get creatures on top of the library and activate Quest for Ula's Temple.

3) Get big sea monsters out!

I added Mindshrieker as an alternative and interesting surprise flying defender and/or attacker that can bypass Stormtide Leviathan's ability, and that can also work if I don't have the 3 counters on Quest for Ula's Temple.

If you guys have any suggestions, if you think I should get more of this or less of that, don't hesitate.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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