A Fold into AEther combo deck that aims to cheat Leviathans into play (because Emrakul is far beyond the limit of my wallet). It uses a hybrid control / merfolk tribal shell to slow down the opponent by returning their creatures to hand, tapping them down or by screwing with their mana base. The deck is less consistent than normal merfolk decks, but definitely has an interesting extra angle to attack from.

Because I'm on a budget the mana base is bad, but functional nonetheless. Any advice or help to make the deck more consistent or to cover weaknesses is appreciated! :)

Additional ways of increasing the likeliness of comboing off are:

These are all on my radar and occiasionally I'm toying with them, but let me know which version works best for you!


Updates Add

In the last update I replaced a lot of clunky cards (looking at you, Forest) to smooth out the deck.

I'll be moving away from that just a little now; the deck performed great, but it did not have meaningful access anymore to the combo. In fact, it'd best be left out. To make the combo more available during gameplay, I made some changes away from go-wide merfolk and towards classic aggro-control:

  • I replaced 4 Silvergill Adept by 4 Serum Visions. I love adept, I do, but this this change makes sense in every way.

  • I replaced 4 Benthic Biomancer by a mixture of Mystic Speculation, Reason / Believe and Rishadan Dockhand. So far in my testing, these cards just do much more for the deck. Reason / Believe allows gives us another way to cheat creatures into play, and also helps us set up our draws.

  • I Added Moswort Bridge back in. Without the forests, its a very reasonable one of with so much upside, and it helps pay for Reason / Believe.

  • Now with a total of 6 ways to cheat leviathans, I went back to 2 Inkwell Leviathans and 2 Stormtide Leviathans.


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