Shape Anew

Shape Anew


The controller of target artifact sacrifices it, then reveals cards from the top of his or her library until he or she reveals an artifact card. That player puts that card onto the battlefield, then shuffles all other cards revealed this way into his or her library.

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Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Limited Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Custom Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal

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Shape Anew Discussion

psionictemplar on Bolas citadel

3 weeks ago

Only having shape anew to quickly get a citadel into play seems very suspect to me given that you're far more likely to land a borderpost into play. If you wanted a sure fire way to get a citadel into play you could try using Gifts Ungiven with a pile that would either leave you a citadel to cast or the ability to put it back on top (Noxious Revival) to shape anew from there. Something like Noxious Revival, Bolas's Citadel, Shape Anew, and Trash for Treasure. The combinations could look like this:

  1. Get revival and trash. Use trash to put it into play sacrificing one of your borderposts.

  2. Get Revival and shape anew: Put citadel on top with revival and shape anew it into play.

  3. Trash and shape: Use trash.

  4. Get citadel and whatever: Just cast citadel.

No matter which way they could split your cards you could get a citadel into play and combo from there. The best part about it , is the fact that you can gifts on your opponents turn and then combo on yours. If you wanted to try this plan you could modify your land base to many different named lands that could be gifted for to decrease the lands left in the deck. (example island and snow covered island count as 2 different lands).

Other than that I would probably suggest investing into a copy of Echoing Truth/other bounce spell just in case your opponent has a leyline of sanctity of their own on the battlefield. The citadel sac is good but may not leave you enough permanents to repeat very often.

I like what you've got going on here, let me know how it goes sometime.

KeilFX on The Sea is Woke - Noyan Dar Control

1 year ago

Noyan Dar is one of my new pet projects of mine (I rarely have expendable cash, and an LGS just opened up near me which is sweet since I don't drive!), and I think your list is awesome!

With To Arms being as massively powerful as it is in this deck, Unity of Purpose should be included for more redundancy.

I find that with Azorius Spellslingers' lack of ramp capabilities, consistent card draw and selection is necessary. Mystic Speculation can be a one-stop shop for that, especially since it repeatedly lets Noyan Dar make tokens. The buyback makes up for the fact that it doesn't cantrip itself, and makes sure that you always have some way of animating / buffing your land creatures.

And although they're 7 mana do-nothing cards, Eye of the Storm and Sphinx-Bone Wand can spiral out of control if not removed (or played off-curve). I personally run the wand as the only artifact in the deck, alongside Shape Anew and artifact token creators so I have a way of cheating the wand into play.

Eye of the Storm can be especially backbreaking if you can cadt your To Arms! / Unity of Purpose, you'd get to repeatedly cast it, animate a land, and float mana for your Tezzeret's Gambit or what have you. You have to be mindful of the spells you cast into EotS, since if you Disenchant all other legal targets and don't have a counterspell in the eye to counter it, you have to destroy the enchantment. It enchantment also lets your opponents use spells you put into it, so be careful. Silly, but careful!

Awesome brew bud, I look forward to see how this deck evolves!

Demarge on Dovin's flying circus

1 year ago

Not my first thought on a dovin deck, so my first thought would be to give the idea of what I saw with him in oathbreaker, Blightsteel Colossus as the only artifact in the deck, and Shape Anew as the signature spell (or colossus as only creature and Polymorph as the signature). the rest of the deck would mostly be treating the deck like a Edric, Spymaster of Trest deck with many 1 cmc hard to block creatures ( Bident of Thassa could be pretty sweet)

now for this deck, any sort of 1 cmc cantrip can help increase consistency, Arrester's Zeal in most cases won't be a good card for your deck (the pump with added flying won't really be relevant most cases), Dramatic Reversal if you play it most people will assume an Isochron Scepter is in your deck somewhere, so a Rally of Wings might be more relevant.

Awuztein on JLK's Brudiclad l The Command Zone #226

1 year ago

Awesome deck!

I want to suggest a few cards that had worked very well on my BRUDICLAD (scotish intensifies) Deck.

  1. Altar of the Brood : Multiplayer Mill.
  2. Polymorph : Works if you replace the small creatures with noncreature token generators. Mass Polymorph , Shape Anew
  3. Impact Tremors : Win condition if used with creature token generators.
  4. Lightning Runner : 4 copies in play for infinite combat phases. Hazte and Double Strike is also nice.
  5. Sharding Sphinx : if copied, escalates quickly.
  6. The Locust God : One of the best token generators.
  7. Pongify : Remove enemy threats or boosts your own tokens. Rapid Hybridization

Demarge on Raging Clue, shaped anew!

2 years ago

hmm this deck could probably be built way more competitively, you could cut all of the non blightsteel, have ink and blinkmoth nexus, and run Polymorph as extra copies of Shape Anew.

Xica on Mono Colored Modern

2 years ago

Well after a bit of dicking around i come to the following conclusions:

1# Shape Anew is enabled by Blinkmoth Nexus (and Inkmoth Nexus - may be important in case someone uses Pithing Needle) & Trail of Evidence - which creates such a nice curve that i am tempted to run Disrupting Shoal. Of course it also allows to keep cards like Snapcaster Mage & Vendilion Clique in the deck.

2# Polymorph works best with fetching for Dryad Arbor using Misty Rainforest (which is not cheap - but not as bad as tarn) - however it makes you ditch the best creatures (that also cost a fortune), for stuff like Mission Briefing - and as an added bonus it allows me to play artifacts in the main and side beside the angel - however i am not sure its wise to sideboard cards that are gonna get hit by the hate coming my way in game 2 & 3.

3# i really miss the exile clause on Glorious End

SynergyBuild on Mono Colored Modern

2 years ago

The deck would probably be better with a budget check/tango land base rather than mono-blue, but Polymorph is better, as it can be used to replace (sometimes) the removal spells lost when moving to this mono-blue list.

That is still a problem though, as you need token generators. Creature tokens in blue aren't impossible, thopters exist, but the cheaper ones might not be the best, as you can't flip a creature, which is commonly what the thopter is tacked onto.

You could go Shape Anew, which is a cheaper card, and run a more mono-blue control feel to the deck, with Confirm Suspicions and Press for Answers as good cards that make tokens, which also can be used for card advantage need be. The issue there is removal, which might be able to be dealt with using bounce/counter, but is more probably dealt with by toying around with stalling/counter, using tap effects or a little bounce to back it up.

Up to you though!

Xica on Mono Colored Modern

2 years ago

Well i am a cheapskate. At least when it comes to paper magic. And since i managed to create a properly viable mono red homebrew, i have very hard time to convince myself to put much effort into my builds that require those pricy multicolored fetch & shock manabases - stuff like ~70$ Scalding Tarns.

My pickle is that i have this very great brew centered around Cheating into play platinum angel and protecting it - but its UR, to have access to Madcap Experiment & Glorious End

Blood Angel's Pact

Modern Xica


Well i don't wanna spend a fortune on the mana base.

Shape Anew & Polymorph both seem to be viable alternatives for one of the key red cards.

Which one do you think is the more viable choice for the deck?

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