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Like many of my decks, this is built around a simple theme, in this case, Cats. This deck is definitely a work in progress because I just haven't played magic in a few years.

Card Draw and Enchantment/Artifact Removal:

As the decks I make are casual and do not have sideboards, any deck tries to conform to two stipulations: it must be able to deal with artifacts/enchantments (preferably at least two cards) and it should also have some element of card draw. Both of these features should attempt to stay on theme whenever possible.

  • Oreskos Explorer - This isn't really a true card draw component because it isn't recurring, but it can be used for a slight bit of card advantage, so I suppose this counts.

  • Qasali Pridemage This choice works because it's both a cat and a way to deal with artifacts and enchantments. Unlike most decks, wherein I only include two cards to fulfill this component, this card actually isn't a bad choice for the deck overall, so I don't mind including an extra card. Practically speaking, it wouldn't be bad to have a full set of these, but I opted for just three because I simply don't have a fourth in my possession.

Notable ExclusionsCats work well with equipment, but I've opted to exclude the Sunspear & Leonin gangs entirely. So, cards like Raksha Golden Cub and Kemba, Kha Regent and their ilk are missing entirely.

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This deck is Casual legal.

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