Savannah Lions

Savannah Lions

Creature — Cat

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Azeworai on The Pragmatist's Pet

3 months ago

As more cards are added to the game of Magic, each bearing the modern design philosophy that urge them to be relevant in near to all formats, there comes the time for a player to edit their decks.

I shall confess that I primarily dwell in the realm of Commander, but this is an argument that can be made for all methods of casting spellls. (Mostly Commander)

Within each set is a card that is fated to find a home in a specific archetype, yet this entails that another piece of the machine is removed. I have a mono-black discard deck built around Chainer , but they have since printed Tinybones , Tergrid  Flip, and Tourach . Each of these are more potent in the command zone, but Chainer is closer to my twisted heart and nocent at shackling my foes.

I have a Naya-lands list around Hazezon Tamar , but they have put forth into the world, Zacama and Obuun , but Hazezon offers nostalgia and tokens.

This especially pertains to the list below the commander, such as Murderous Rider over Hero's Downfall , Fierce Guardianship over Counterspell , Usher of the Fallen over Savannah Lions , and the list goes on for eternity. I enjoy adding asinine old artifacts to lists (see: Temporal Aperture and Phyrexian Portal ), yet felt as if I had no choice but to cut Moonring Mirror for Sevylun .

My query of this thread is when do players feel obliged to cut cards from lists despite any strong emotions towards maintaining their inclusion? When can the poignant piece of cardboard at last meet anguish? When does power eclipse pet?

Note: This is not a question of whether it is correct or not to snuff the asinine spell. Optimization is a separate topic than what is meant to be discussed here.

plakjekaas on What, Exactly, is Wrong with …

7 months ago

Have you played Mardu in Kaladesh? That was not a drag-out-the-game deck. It used Thraben Inspector , Toolcraft Exemplar and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar along with vehicles to pressure your opponent really fast.

Your analysis left out the part where white is also the color of Savannah Lions and Isamaru, Hound of Konda . And those are strong enough cards in other formats, because it's 1v1 and because it's only 20 life. White weenie tactics don't translate that well to 40 life multiplayer, thàts why you can't win turn 4 in white in commander, with 120 life opposing you instead of just 20. When you use the stax way to compensate for that, drag everyone down to your level, you'll have three opponents annoyed that their playing pace have slowed down, with three times the answers to oppose your plan.

Don't get me wrong, I love playing mono white, but all the sighs from across the table whenever I do what white does best, tells me that white's probably the least enjoyable color to play against. People don't like getting their spells countered, an argument could be made for blue, but a counterspell is just once, move on and forget about it. A Deafening Silence is a constant reminder why I'm preventing you from executing your plan. A Day of Judgment is a conscious effort to destroy everything you've been playing for the last 5 turns.

White is full of powerful effects just as any other color, but where a red explosion turn can leave you impressed by everything that just happened, a green Craterhoof can make you scratch yourself behind your ear how you went from 36 to -152 life, black's race to finish you before accidentally finishing themselves keeps you on the edge of your seat, and blue's gigantic card advantage potential leaves you jealous, white's strongest avenues to victory will almost always upset all opponents. When you pay Real Life taxes, at least the community will benefit from it. Nobody likes to be put in prison. Which is a problem when you're gathered with a few others for a night of fun, and the white deck is trying its best to prevent the rest of the table from having their fun.

Suppressing others from having fun to have your own is a great competitive 1v1 tactic to annoy your opponent, make them prone to more mistakes, but it's terrible for social multiplayer formats if you want to get invited back. That's White's image issue. Combine that with the in-game inability to keep up with the other colors in both cards in hand and available resources to spend in a turn, and you've summed up pretty concise how white is typically bottom in most rankings.

psionictemplar on Jumanji Aggro || Selesnya Surprise

8 months ago

As far as the land matter goes, I would always suggest switching out tap lands when possible. The mana fixing of many of these lands are convenient, but as an aggro deck you need speed more. With that being said I'll offer these suggestions in line with your thoughts and other thoughts I have in general (keeping budget in mind).

  1. Switching frondland to loxodon heirarch is a change, I can totally get behind. Side note: kaheera doesn't work with some of your currently listed creatures (assuming you intended it as a companion).

  2. Given the choices you listed, birds of paradise would be your best choice. It not only gives you something to do on your first turn, helping you be faster, but the evasion can be real handy for flying over potential blockers when enchanted/equipped.

  3. I don't personally like the idea of working in another shield of the oversoul. If anything consider something like All That Glitters or Daybreak Coronet.

What's next are my personal ideas/suggestions:

  1. Remove the fog effects (fog and ethereal haze specifically): As a creature based deck, these do not progress your plan in any way. I would make an exception for the dawn charm on the reasoning that it can protect your creatures. But even then I would drop 1-2 copies on that as well.

  2. Remove cultivate: Ramp spells are most useful during the early game to allow more powerful spells to be played before their normally intended turn. Casting an early cultivate will use all your mana for a turn slowing you down. The mana upside really isn't something you can make use of since your curve essentially stops at 4.

  3. Ephemerate: I'm not totally sold on this because you could lose any enchantments you have attached to a creature. Not to mention, you really don't have any game changing enter the battlefield abilities to take advantage of this. If you were running something like Skyclave Apparition, it would be a different story (not budget, I know). I suppose keeping a creature alive is good, but it also doesn't progress your plan of attacking or developing your board. Maybe drop this to a couple copies or all together is my suggestion.

Things you could add in place of the above.

  1. Savannah Lions: Has good stats for 1 mana and has synergy with kaheena. Would recommend the full 4.

  2. Aegis of the Gods: Not as good stat wise for 2 mana, but could be a functional creature depending on your meta. (Probably better in the sideboard)

  3. Oversoul of Dusk: This can dodge many of the commonly played removal spells in the format and is a solid creature to boot. Maybe 2-3 copies total, just because it is 5 mana.

  4. Crown of Convergence: Power boost for your creatures and can help keep your deck drawing useful cards instead of things like land #8.

  5. Unbreakable Formation: I don't think this needs explaining.

These are my thoughts for now and I look forward to your decks evolution from here. But remember above all, its your deck and have fun with it however you choose.

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

9 months ago

First, I wanna say that Savannah Lions was my absolute favorite card when I first started playing almost 30 years ago. At one point in time, it was actually worth money. In fact, I still have a Legacy, mono-white, Armageddon deck that runs 4 of them, and it is one of my best decks.

Seedbearer Scout

Creature - Elf Scout

When ~ dies, search your library for a basic land card for each ~ in your graveyard, put them onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library. Then, if there are 4 ~s in your graveyard, untap all lands you control.


I think that the whole needing multiples of it makes it over cost to be good in commander, and it isn't powerful enough to be good in Legacy or Vintage. But I could see it in Modern or Pioneer.

Next, make a pair of cards that have a similar synergy to Diligent Farmhand and Muscle Burst, but not related to the graveyard.

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

9 months ago


"Savannah Lions is bad"

Oof, the power creep represented there. That was a straight up competitive card. Like when I started I played Elite Vanguard and loved it (the deck had tribal support)

Anyways, A competitive Savannah Lions for a Modern deck:

Karoo Wildcat

Creature - Cat

Sacrifice Karoo Wildcat: Each player and permanent gains protection from the color of your choice until end of turn.


I think this could be good against Death Shadow, Bogles, Burn, and make 8-Rack harder to play. Idk, seems playable.

I'd like to see a card which is good in limited and modern/pioneer but no where else.

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

9 months ago

"Savannah Lions is bad"

Oof, the power creep represented there. That was a straight up competitive card. Like when I started I played Elite Vanguard and loved it (the deck had tribal support)

Anyways, A competitive Savannah Lions for a Modern deck:

Karoo Wildcat

Creature - Cat

Sacrifice Karoo Wildcat: Each player and permanent gains hexproof from the color of your choice until end of turn.


I think this could be good against Death Shadow, Bogles, Burn, and make 8-Rack harder to play. Idk, seems playable.

fatalzintomyum on Card creation challenge

9 months ago

first-blade of the ninth pride

creature=cat warrior

Whenever a cat enters the battlefield under your control, target cat gets +0/+1 until end of turn. You gain 1 life

cat creature cards in your hand have flash.


I was thinking of having this have flash, but that kind of made it a bit too good. As it is it could be used to combat burn, through a tad bit of lifegain and also blanking removal by flashing in a few cats to buff the creature. it also gives cats something that no other tribe has in terms of gumming up combat math and also combating control with flash (nobody likes you Rattlechains).

Now that we started on this, lets continue. We can all agree that Savannah Lions is bad. Make another 1 mana cat that does the tribe proud. For inspiration, please look at "...and Lions, Oh My!" (Modern GW Cat Aggro), by the inspired Halbrechtt

fatalzintomyum on "...and Lions, Oh My!" (Modern GW Cat Aggro)

10 months ago

The sheer damage output of this deck after a few turns is very satisfying. however, 22 lands does not consistently get to coco mana. Though worse things have happened to me in my life, it is very painful to path my Savannah Lions turn two to be able to coco at all. Despite that however, I do not think that you have to worry too much about the manabase for Loam Lion, for the number of basic types you have right now could definitely support Razorverge Thicket, which i can at least imagine a lion strolling about on (I think the Zendikar special edition looks pretty good for this purpose). this deck is super interesting and looks pretty cool. Upvote from here.

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