For people who hate being mana screwed. The best card in the deck is Phantasmagorian, he is the most reliable and best discard outlet in the deck, a nice thing is that you can activate his discard ability twice while it is on the stack making you discard 6 card which is amazing for this deck. Than we have the dredgers that help us fill up our graveyard. Next we have Ichorid, Narcomoeba, Nether Shadow, Prized Amalgam and Bridge from Below that help fuel our cards that need sacrifices to cast them or to give us blockers to survive until we get our combo off. Cabal Therapy is an amazing spell that helps us protect our combo and Dread Return is the best card in the deck, Creeping Chill is a great way to heal ourselves a bit if we are getting low on life.

The Combo: With this deck you always want to be on the draw and NEVER mulligan.

Turn 1. Your opponent plays whatever. You draw and cant play anything, on the cleanup step you discard to the hand size, you discard Phantasmagorian.

Turn 2. Your opponent plays whatever. On their end step you activate Phantasmagorian's ability to discard 3 creatures with dredge, next you cycle Street Wraith and choose to replace the draw with dredge from one of our creatures from the graveyard (Golgari Grave-Troll is preferred bur any dredger works). On your draw step you also choose to dredge, now you hopefully milled some Narcomoeba, Prized Amalgam, Balustrade Spy and Dread Return, if you did you are set to win. On your turn you sacrifice 3 creatures and flashback Dread Return to bring back Balustrade Spy and milling our whole deck. Now you heal 12 and deal 12 to our opponent because of the Creeping Chill, now you sacrifice the Balustrade Spy to cast Cabal Therapy and making 4 zombie tokens because of the 4 Bridge from Below, than you cast Dread Return again and bring back Lotleth Giant dealing lethal. You can also bring back Flayer of the Hatebound to kill the opponent with the Golgari Grave-Troll or reanimate the high power creatures and beat up the opponent using Flame-Kin Zealot.

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