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Hello there. Been awhile huh? Or is this your first time? No matter, welcome to my best attempt at a R/W go wide strategy. it use to be more voltron based, but after so long of playing that strategy people kinda learned all they had to do was cripple my equipment set-up in the beginning of the game and yeah not worry about me again... So i said "why not make the deck into more of a deal with my annoying creatures if you can deck?" and thus it was molded in to this monstrosity. Hope you like it!

But alas I feel like the deck its right where it needs to be in terms of kitchen table magic, and yes I know I should not play Boros colors but don't worry I don't care this is just a casual deck. I still love it though, im just aware that when you run out of cards the strategy gets a little shaky and unreliable.


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