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New U/B Control deck I'm going to pilot. Has good mainboard hate against Cavern of Souls and graveyard based decks, as well as control with 3x Nihil Spellbomb. Plenty of removal/mass removal and of course two full suits of countermagics. Sideboard is still being worked out as I explore the current metagame.

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WNM @ Amazing Discoveries (5-16-12) Record: 2-1

Match one vs. U/G Miracle Beats deck. Beat it 2-0 without sideboarding since he didn't have one for his deck. Match two played B/W Tokens and won 2-0. Ratchet bombs in game two sealed the deal handily. Game three went 1-2 against a janky U/W/B deck. Played recklessly because we decided to split winnings regardless since we were both 2-1. Anyways, lost to a Vault Skirge with Sword of War and Peace (exactly, the only creature that can't be removed by my Doom Blades or Go for the Throats...



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