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The Music of the Night (Opinions Please)

Modern Control Cruel Control UB (Dimir)



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Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams

Blue/black control.

Just so you're aware, this isn't a mill deck. The idea is to fill the graveyard and remove key cards with Surgical Extraction. As of right now, the main win-con of this deck is to get your opponent to run out of cards, but this isn't necessarily "mill". So please don't suggest cards like Tome Scour and more Glimpse the Unthinkable please :)

Suggestions and +1's are always appreciated, especially +1's, they make me feel fuzzy inside <3


Circu, Dimir Lobotomist - The main focus of this deck is to lock out the opponent so they can't do much, so circu works pretty well for that. Yes, he's 4 for a 2/3, but if you can keep him out for a good time he's worth it.

Hedron Crab- Good thing to get out turn 1. If you drop a land each turn and possibly have multiple out, it's just overwhelming. Also ,bonus for chump block.

Snapcaster Mage-- With the reliable ability to re-cast a spell, snap can make most decks better.


Phyrexian Arena- Good way to get a flow of draws as the game progresses.


Damnation- Beautiful boardwipe, low cost, and no drawbacks.

Glimpse the Unthinkable- Pretty much the greatest mill card ever printed, the only reason i'm not running more is because this isn't a heavy mill deck. Also, the cheaper this deck can be, the better.

Haunting Echoes - Big boy Surgical Extraction, this is my favorite thing to do after a player has lost a good amount of their library.

Serum Visions-the best draw spell in modern that isn't banned :c

Thoughtseize- The best way to make someone discard a card, throwing this out turn one could cause some tears to well up.


Go for the Throat- In my opinion, best black removal spell in modern. Not a demanding cost and can kill almost any creature.

Mana Leak- Shut down an early game spell for low cost. The only reason i'm not running more is because I prefer a hard counter.

Psychic Strike- Hard counterspell that works towards the goal and can get some good stuff to exile.

Surgical Extraction- This card is the backbone of this deck. (Get it, backbone?) Anyway, it's beautiful to mill someone and then Surgical Extraction a card their deck runs on, or just a good card.


Jester's Scepter - Shut down their plans so they can't do sheeit


AEtherize- Slows down aggro, and really saves your ass in some situations.

Countersquall Better Negate for control n' stuffs.

Essence Scatter Any deck that's creature heavy will hate this card.

Dispel- Hey, counter any counterspell for 1.

Vapor Snag Better Unsummon sided against aggro.

If you like +1 because it makes me feel warm inside knowing that some people think my deck is neat c:


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