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Temur Ramp, now at instant speed

Standard* Burn Ramp RUG (Temur)


A temur ramp deck focused around getting lands out to power powerful spells like Expansion / Explosion and Electrodominance , along with the help of Wilderness Reclamation to untap lands on our end step to amass a big chunk of mana early on to get these X spells to unreasonably high costs.

An interaction I'm excited for too is casting Electrodominance for X=5 (possible on turn 5 with Wilderness Reclamation , 4 if we get an early extra land from Growth Spiral ), to drop The Mirari Conjecture which will instantly activate the first part of the saga to get an instant back from our graveyard, such as the Electrodominance you just used. Otherwise the deck runs Ionize for counters as well as some extra reach with incidental damage, Secrets of the Golden City for sorcery speed draw that can often get us 3 cards in the lategame, as well as get fetched off of the second chapter of The Mirari Conjecture . Fight with Fire is for creature removal early and a possible threat late, and Star of Extinction to deal with big boards/planeswalkers.

The sideboard has more counters in Syncopate for control/slower midrange matchups, Carnage Tyrant for the control matchups after they side out all of their creature removal to surprise them, Lava Coil for early game removal that has the upside of exiling where that is relevant, an extra Star of Extinction against GB midrange decks that can easily pump out planeswalkers and creatures, and finally Nexus of Fate against control matchups where I can cast it the turn after I get a Wilderness Reclamation down, or cast it off of an Electrodominance if I get to that point in the game.

The Nexus of Fate is pretty loose I feel, but I feel like it's such a powerful combo with Wilderness Reclamation that it would be stupid not to include it, at least in the sideboard. Anyways, let me know what you think in the comments! Any feedback is appreciated.


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I was not a fan of the gates in the deck to accommodate Circuitous Route as a ramp plan, and wanted more early interaction, so I moved the Lava Coils from the sideboard to the main and put in the final Wilderness Reclamation because it is so powerful with the X spells that I absolutely want it as early as possible, and it performs great in multiples too. I will say this deck is pretty weak to early creature aggro/burn, so I think instead of the Nexus of Fates in the sideboard for control matchups, I'd rather have Fiery Cannonades there for early aggression and go wide strategies. Now that I have some extra sideboard slots due to moving Lava Coil to the main, I put in 3 Essence Scatter so I have more options of things to hold up turn 2 with Growth Spiral and will help deal with problematic early threats like Adanto Vanguards. Now that I'm moving away from the ramp plan as well, I think Negate over Syncopate is better as I can also hold it up turn two to stop things like Search for Azcanta  Flip or Thought Erasure, and still preforms later in the game when my opponent will have more mana to pay for it.

This is probably one of the coolest decks I've played and I am a huge fan of how it's been preforming so far, Wilderness Reclamation is nuts and I can wait to see how else it can be broken.


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