Hey, it's better than that post-Zendikar Kuldotha Red I was playing last year!

A rule of nine deck all by accident! I feel happy running Mizzium Mortars main because I have enough answers to control in the board, I think.

Playing 24 lands lets me side into the full 4 Zealous Conscripts in the Act of Treason sideboard slot. As good as Act of Aggression? Time will tell. I look forward to stealing the Angel of Serenitys that just wrecked my board, just like Inferno Titan last time around. Traitorous Blood would be my second choice.

This isn't true RDW, I wanted to play something with more lands and late game, I hate the triple mulligans you get with 21 landers and the like.

Stonewright is the mana sink for the deck, and is a bit like a 1/1 [Fireball]] creature. Particularly good with the hasty guys and Ash Zealot.

I really wanted to play Annihilating Fire over Brimstone Volley to wreck Zombies, but 5 damage is too much to pass up. If you can turn all your guys sideways with Hellrider and have one of these in hand, you've probably won the game.

If Electrickery or other -1/-1 effects are a large part of the meta, I'd look to replace Stonewright and Rakdos Shred-Freak, Reckless Waif  , Gore-House Chainwalker or Mogg Flunkies?

I haven't seen another Mono-Red deck I like more than this, except from Travis Woo's Dirt Cheap Dirty Red. I doubt I'm a better brewer than him, so that deck is probably worth a look.


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