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Miracle Deck want it to be competitive for upcoming GPT and SCQ Super IQ. Any and all comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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So I have been playing this deck for a couple weeks now and I am pretty happy with how it has been panning out. I am starting to play it more efficiently and more effectively.

My main problem is getting the sideboard to work properly.

Delver is still my worst matchup and I am trying to come up with a sideboard that is good against Delver but also can handle other decks. I had 3 Geist of Saint Traft in it but they never seemed to help me out when I need to play or draw them. Don't get me wrong they did kill the opponents Geist of Saint Traft but I still lost to the Delver. So thinking about it I thought that Divine Deflection could end up being a pretty versatile card.

Here is my thought process and feel free to critique my thoughts and offer a better solution.

As I said the Geist of Saint Traft is an awesome card and and effective for 6 damage. But it dies to whip flare and what not. Being as this deck is purely reactive and defensive Divine Deflection gives me an instant that is a potential win con. I thought too that it would be a great sideboard card for burn decks and also to get rid of planes-walkers since Karn Liberated if not counter is a pain in my a$$ to deal with. What do you guys think about it. Also, with all of the Bonfire of the Damned s running around it is a good answer to that card especially late game. It can also be used to kill pesky creatures. As with all of my cards it is a stall card. It also stops Wurmcoil Engine from giving the opponent lifelink.

I think it is a more versatile card that fits with the theme of the deck.

Also I was thinking of replacing the Revoke Existence and one Vapor Snag with one more Dissipate and 2 Negate s. What are you guys opinions on this?


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