Make Standard Great Again

Frankly, we have some bad hombres running around in our format. These guys -- you wouldn't believe it -- they're taking our money, taking our jobs, and killing us at the playmat. The situation is tremendously dangerous, so we're gonna build a wall and make the Deliricans pay for it. We'll crack down on immigration -- I will completely ban Smuglims from entering our format.

The people of Standard have spoken: deport the illegals.

We're gonna give our troops   the best weapons and gear money can buy -- everything they'll need to keep us safe -- and get them out of wars that are none of our business. We will ensure the safety of our format by having an alliance with Russia that will stop the terrorists in their tracks. And we'll empower the NSA to get the information it needs to protect our people.

We will put the crooked, criminal Hillrakul in jail; we will repeal ineffective healthcare legislation; and we will make this format great again.

You can trust my leadership -- I've made amazing business deals -- and you can trust my business success -- and nobody is going to stand up to China the way I will; that, I can tell you. We'll bring back all of those jobs. And I'll bring in the greatest economic and military advisers like you wouldn't believe -- the ones I know you haven't heard of are better than the ones you have heard of. After I take office, we'll be sweating from too much winning.

This movement -- our movement -- is bad news for the establishment. It's true. Ask anyone -- anyone named Gid Innity. Ask Gid Innity. I told him this over a phone call; I said, "Gid, we're going to make a movement, and it's going to take down the corruption in our format's meta."

The wallies just got 10 foots higher, ok, and believe me, we are going to Drain the Swamp. This is going to be YUGE.


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