I improve this deck and it is able to win in turn 4-6. Just get Neglected Heirloom   in turn one and Lambholt Pacifist   in turn two. In turn three equip and attack. In turn four she will transform in a 4/4 with a +3/+3 and first strike. Borrowed Hostility and Nature's Way will help you a lot, combined will make the Pacifist a real nightmare 10/7 with trample and first strike. Howlpack Resurgence will also help a lot giving your lycanthropes the most needed punch with trample.


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Well, I usually run out of cards pretty soon, so my Sage of Ancient Lore  Flip is too weak, so I substitute her for the only non-Werewolf Creature in the deck: Tireless Tracker will provide a mid-game solid creature and gives extra card draws. As too many cheap and not so cheap artifacts around I include in the sideboard a third Natural State and definitely Root Out will provide enough power to dismantle the Pia┬┤s Revolution and Ornithopter with Insidious Gremlin combo.


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