I was working on a UR deck and decided to add a little bit of spin on Kiln Fiend.

Thing in the Ice and Kiln Fiend/ Nivix Cyclops all synergize with spell slinging. I had run some Firebolts in the deck and they could still be added, but dropped them in favor of more card draw and more blue cards for Disrupting Shoal to target.

I believe a Pact of Negation would be a great add as a free counter to protect the combo, so that you can resolve the damage and then end the game rather than paying for it on your upkeep.

The concept started out at turn 2 kiln fiend, turn 3 cast 2 spells and Temur Bloodrage, to lethal damage with Kiln fiend. Mutagenic Growth and Manamorphose make it so we can get the extra casts, which can we use to pump Kiln Fiend/Cyclops or remove counters from Thing.

In reality this is a aggro combo deck that looks to pump up a creature for a swing, and as such needs a way to protect the combo for free; having Apostles Blessing gives a second way to protect a pumped up Fiend/Clops or transformed TiTi.

Being in UR means we are restricted in interacting with enchantments, so a long drawn out game will be hard to win. You can afford to have a creature removed and still draw out into more, but I find that running more than the 12 creatures or more than the 18 lands can get a good deal of dead draws, so I have tried to keep the spell count to 28-30.

Any help would be great!


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