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Turn 1: Hunted Witness

Turn 2: Priest of Forgotten Gods

Turn 3: Ministrant of Obligation

Turn 4: Teysa Karlov

Turn 5: Divine Visitation , tap Priest of Forgotten Gods to sacrifice Hunted Witness and Ministrant of Obligation , create six Serra Angel s that also incidentally have lifelink.


That's our nut draw. While it is beatable by a wrath, the deck's spicy explosive power is not something to be ignored.

The two main payoffs of this deck are Divine Visitation and Teysa Karlov . They're pretty straightforward, since when we start creating Angels with Visitation, the opponent generally can't keep up, and Teysa just represents so much value with Afterlife creatures.

We have bodies to sacrifice (or to just to attack with) for value at essentially every point on the curve. Hunted Witness gets the fun started on turn one, while Imperious Oligarch , Tithe Taker , History of Benalia , Ministant of Obligation, and Seraph of the Scales follow suit as we move up the curve. These cards all provide two or more bodies, many of which are tokens for Divine Visitation to turn into angels.

Right now, Standard provides us with eight (efficient) sacrifice outlets, which isn't bad. Pitiless Pontiff makes combat difficult, while Priest of Forgotten Gods is just a ton of value if it lives to be non-summoning-sick. In fact, discounting all the upsides, just sacrificing two creatures for free is often beneficial in this deck.

For utility, we have a couple Unbreakable Formation s to protect against sweepers (while still being relevant as a random pump spell), one Revival / Revenge to fish back Afterlife creatures for value or to drain the opponent for a bunch, and two copies of Mortify just to have a catch-all answer in a deck without many free slots.

Our manabase is mostly just normal Standard Orzhov with eight rare duals, a guildgate, and a Field of Ruin . We also have one copy of Memorial to Folly and Memorial to Glory each. The former lets us fish back creatures for value, while the latter can create more bodies. Since they are lands, they come at a relatively low opportunity cost.

In the sideboard, we have Duress to combat control, Consecrate / Consume & The Eldest Reborn to answer single threats and grind value against slower decks, Lyra Dawnbringer , Basilica Bell-Haunt , and Settle the Wreckage to have an edge against aggro, and two more Mortify s for more removal.

Overall, this is a very fun and spicy deck, and while I don't think anyone will win the Pro Tour with it, it's worth trying out at the FNM level of play. Plus, it's not that expensive of a deck.

Happy tapping and may the jank be with you all.


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