The main aim of this deck is to force yourself to draw out while Lab Maniac is on the field. I've put in several ways to do this.

1). Drop Lab Maniac, before playing leveler. You can then wait until your next draw step or use a Cerulean Wisps to force a draw to win.

2). Get out Primordial Hydra and Vorel together. Get Hydra to 50-60 counters before dropping a Lab Maniac and Zegana.

3). Get Tamiyo and Omniscience out (Jace helps with getting Omniscience onto the field), then infinitely cast a draw spell until you draw Lab Maniac, play him then continue to draw out until you win.

There a couple of fallback options in this deck. As Lab Maniac is a massive target for removal I have put in an alpha authority to protect him from burn etc. and a Progenitor Mimic to hopefully ensure you do have one out. If none of the combos can be achieved, Mind Unbound, Doubling Season and Archmage Ascension, along with proliferation will help ensure you can at least tutor for the combos, or force yourself to draw out with Mind Unbound. Graceful Adept and Jin-Gitaxias help secure a card advantage while you do so.


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