It's time for an all new, never-seen-before burn deck. Homemade with minimal netdecking and optimized to be SUPER FAST! Say goodbye to those super convoluted dredge decks that take months to learn to play - Burn practically plays itself! Only 415 dollars.

This is my build of Burn. Simplest deck in history. Play a ton of Lightning Bolt effects and swing with cheap dudes for game. I want help on making the deck as fast and consistent as possible.

I'm not really on a budget, but don't pester me too hard to get a $15 staple right away. I need to save up for those things.

Also, I don't want to make my deck a perfect copy of X's GP-winning deck. That would be boring. I want something unique, that sets me apart from other players at my LGS.

I hope you enjoy your free, never-seen-before burn deck!

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Gitaxian Probe was banned. I understand their decision - WotC thought that it was too OP to have a free cantrip with an extra effect, making every deck roughly 7% more consistent in getting any given card, so if I disagree with their decision, I only disagree halfway. My deck is now less consistent, but that's OK, it's the best I'll get. I have replaced the card with 2 Mountain s and 2 Searing Blaze s - thank you Wurmlover for suggesting the move to mainboard - and until I get my Surgical Extraction in the mail, Smash to Smithereens is replacing the sideboard Blazes.


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